The way he Stole My Heart


1. The way he stole my Heart

                 *Lyss' P.O.V*

 "Come on Lyss you are nearly 15 you need to get out and stop obsessing over some-" my mom starts before I cut her off 

"They are NOT just "some band" mom; they are my happiness don't you care about my happiness?" I said. My mom just sighs and says "That can not be your only happiness what about your friends huh Bre and Dani have been trying to get out out of this house for weeks." I just sighed and said "They have boyfriends mum and I refuse to be a third wheel especially on Valentines Day.". My mom hates when I call her 'mum' her words are always "I am not a flower" ,but truth be told I bet she loves it haha not. She just sighs and says "Alright but you have to come with me, Lori, and Jill to the movies tonight.And I'm not taking no for an answer," I know when she says that she is serious. I just sigh once more and give in "Fine I'll come but we're watching Identity Theft." She nods in agreement and tells me to get cleaned up. 

 ~~1 hour latter~

  *knock,knock* "I'll get it mum" I say i open the door to see moms friend Jill. "JILLY!!!!!!!!!"  I scream and she just laughs " Hey chick what are you all cleaned up for?" she questions me "Mum is making me go" I say. She just smiles and says "It's about time you get out of that room other to eat and use the bathroom" she states i just roll my eyes. You see Jilly is pretty understanding with me if i need something that I don't wanna tell mom about  go to Jilly. About 5 mins latter Lori knocks and walks in and asks if we're ready we all just nod and walk out the door .

 ~At the movies~

Mom is buying my ticket so I just walk out to where Jilly is she is standing out there smoking a cig. When she sees me she smiles and says "You know you don't look like your having any fun" she states bluntly. I just shrug my shoulders and say "Yeah I'm fine fun good fun" ;I might add unconvincingly of course being like an aunt she saw straight through it and says " Come on Lyss don't give me that crap I know you don't  really wanna be here". I just looked at her in shock 'I thought I was hiding it pretty good I guess not' I thought to myself; she then says "Come on we're gonna have some fun" she says with an evil grin. I was very worried that mom or Lori would come looking for us as if she read my mind she says "Don;t worry your mom kinda set this up now come on" she drug me to the car and we left. While not taking her eyes off the road she pulls a bag out of the backseat and said "Put this on you won't be allowed in in what your wearing.". I pulled a beautiful purple dress that hit about mid thigh; after arguing over the length i gave in and put it on I'll admit this is probably the best I've ever looked. We finally arrived and I could have swore that I was dreaming when I looked up and seen 'KARMA' in neon blue letters. Nope I'm not dreaming she did it she brought me to a club and not just that she had a cab pick up Bre and Dani. They ran up to us and squealed at me I just gave them a look as if saying 'shut up' but of course being the best friends they are they did not hush. Jilly took us to the front of the line and told the bouncer to let us in that we were with her and he did so. I almost forgot to mention my mom took my phone before we got out of the car at the movies so I'm in this club called 'KARMA' with nothing to do. Why you ask I'm not much of a dancer even if I did have six years of dance class yes SIX years why you might ask because mom wanted me to "break out of my shell and make new friends and meet new people" as she says but I did not do either of those things, I hated it but I would never tell her that she was so happy at the end of the year when it was time for my recital the smile on her face when i was on the stage was unmissable.It made her happy so I did it until she seen that I was unhappy doing it actually she heard me talking to Bre about how I was just to exhausted to even go out to sit on the porch. Back to now though I was about to go find my girls when I ran into  something hart yet soft I know what your thinking 'wow she's drunk' , but I'm not; I'm just clumsy. When I looked up expecting to see some drunk guy my breath caught in my throat when I met his brilliant brown eyes they were so familiar yet so foreign, we stood there just staring at each other for about five mins then a look of worry flashed through his eyes; he shook his head and then it hit me I was staring in the eyes of my most favorite person in the entire universe, Liam James Payne. I just shook my head as if trying to say nope it's just a dream or I'm hallucinating; he then clears his throat and says with that Liam smile of his "Hi" I shake my head once again, and then say "Hey" with a smile. "Whats your name?" he asks over the blaring music "Alyssa but everyone calls me Lyss cause I hate my name." I say back with a laugh. He responds with a bit of a frown and says "I think it's a beautiful name Lyss." .I blush at his comment then he asks something i was dreading "Would you like to dance?"  me being the person I am of course said "Yeah I'd love to" with a smile. We danced for at least ten songs without anyone interrupting us until Dani came and said "LYSS WE'VE BEEN LOOKING EVERYWHERE FOR YOU" I just sighed I guess she didn't notice Liam until I pointed him out then she said "ohh " I started laughing at her for not noticing him before. After about five mins of awkwardness and pondering realization hit her and she says "OMG you're Liam Payne from One Direction you're like Lyss' favorite person of all time and her cleb crush" I gave her a death glare while Liam just chuckled and said "Yes I am" then turned to me and asked "is that so huh? I just might be even more your favorite after this" then he did the unexpected he kissed me KISSED me. I stood in shock for a few seconds then I started kissing back. I'm not joking you when I tell you this but I felt sparks just like they say happens in the books. We kept kissing until someone cleared their throat; when we pulled apart we just stared into each others eyes then I remembered that someone was there when I looked over to see none other than my mom. Oh god I thought then I noticed Bre, Dani, Jilly, Lori, Harry, Louis, Niall, and Zayn all staring at us like we had grown three heads. then I understood one of the reasons being we met maybe an hour ago and we kissed no wait scratch that we piratically made-out in front of all these people, Liam is famous, and a good four years older than me.I finally turned back to Liam he still had that same smile on as when we got done kissing and I started to blush, my mom finally breaks the silence and says " Honey who is this?" I looked at her wide eyed you'd think that them being all over my room at home she'd know who they were by now. Just as I was about to answer her realization hit her and before I could stop her she says " OH this is one of those boys from the posters all over your room" I blushed harder than ever and was ready to crawl in a hole and die until Liam says " You know I quiet like the fact people have posters of us in their room" and of course Harry being Harry he says " I like the fact that they get undressed in front of them" that earned him quite a bit of smacks on the head. Harry just laughed and so did I; then Liam said to me "Can I talk to you outside?" I looked at mom with hopeful eyes she nodded then I said "um yeah sure.". He led me to the back exit when we got outside it was a little bit cold and I was shivering so he offered me his jacket and I refused but he wouldn't take no for an answer an put it around my shoulders; he broke our comfortable silence by saying "Look Lyss I know I just met you but you are the most beautiful girls I've ever laid my eyes on and I can feel something here and it's very strong and I know I'm not the only one who felt sparks in that kiss yes it's crazy and rushed but this feels right so I'm just gonna say this Lyss will you be mine?" he asked with his eyes filled with hope. By the time he was done I was in tears "Yes" I answered him still crying he pulled me into a hug, when we parted I was still crying he wiped my tears and asked "Why are you crying?" "Nobody has ever said anything that nice to me. The only people who have told me that I'm pretty was my family and friends none of the boys at school like me, most of them just call me ugly or fat.I only know one boy that will stickup for me that is my friend/brother Taite and hes threatened a few people for picking on me. I am so plain and dull how could you possibly think I'm beautiful. Liam I'm a directioner I know the girls you go for like Danielle they are beautiful and I'm not, I'm fat, short, ugly, my eyes are so small that people think I'm Chinese. I just want to know what you could possibly find attractive about me?" he responds by saying "Come with me" and leads me back inside. He goes over to where the boys and the rest of my clan was and asks Bre something, when he gets his answer he smiles then whispers something to Zayn and then something to my mom they both nod. after the song that was playing goes off I see all the boys on the stage and Niall has a guitar in his hand. Liam gets everyone's attention then says " This is something for someone VERY special to me, Lyss would you come up here please?" I stood there in shock like a deer in headlights that is until i feel myself being thrown over someone's shoulder I look down and notice automatically who was me over their shoulder by their amaZAYN butt, "LOU PUT ME DOWN" I screeched he just chuckled and set me on a stool on the stage. They all smiled at me then Niall started to strum his guitar and I noticed the chords automatically it was their song that Ed had given them 'Little Things' which is my one of my favorite One Direction songs, so that's what he was asking Bre.  When Zayn started singing the crowd went into silence, me being the directioner am started to tear up; but when Liam started his part I started to cry. By the end of the song I was full on sobbing, after that I felt a strong pair of arms around me and by the spark that I received when he touched me I knew it was Liam. He was trying to calm me down by whispering sweet nothings in my ear and the occasional "shhhhh" . After I finally calmed down he says "Do you think it's possible fo fall in love with someone in less than a day?" i respond with "Like love at first sight then yes I do cause the first time I saw your picture I knew you were the one for me.". He smiled and gave me a kiss I could feel all the love he put into it and I'm sure I put the same amount if not more in it as well. we broke apart and as we were leaving my mom says "I think he's a keeper" I just laughed and said "I know he is" ; latter that night there was a knock on the front door and mom answered it I was in my room when someone knocked on my door. I knew it wasn't mom or any of my girls cause the just walk in but non of the less i said come in I was on Facebook and had just changed my relationship status to 'in a relationship' when I looked up I was met with those big brown eyes and smile of Liam that I had fallen for a long time ago before I had met him. "hey" I say with a smile "hey beautiful" he said, I blushed again and he came over to where I was on my bed and laid  down with me while I scrolled through Facebook and Twitter. Liam chuckled when he saw a tweet to him that was very inappropriate, when I noticed he was on MY profile i quickly took my laptop from him ant locked it embarrassed at what he had already seen he just laughed once more. Finally I broke the silence "So what are you doing here not that I mind but-" I trailed off and he said "When we was at the club I asked your mom if I could spend the night I expected her to say no but she said yes  so here I am" I looked at him in shock cause I maybe a very good girl but my mind isn't the cleanest in the world he must have caught on to my look of shock and quickly added "Not to do anything like that just cuddle." relief washed over me after he said that. Then my tummy growled and I blushed and he let out a little laugh and said "Looks like someone is a bit hungry"  I nodded and got off my bed and went to the kitchen and got us some popcorn and pop and mom stopped mt in the hall and said "Look I said he can stay the night but I am NOT ready to be a grandma yet' I looked her wide eyed and then Liam came up behind me and wrapped one arm around my waist and said "Don't worry Manda we won't do anything just cuddle and watch some movies I promise" I just nodded along with him still speechless she had just said that. When we laid down he got something from his bag I assumed it was gonna be one of the Toy Story's but to my surprise it was my favorite Twilight Breaking Dawn pt2, I squeled and within three seconds my mom was in the room and she seen Liam at the other side of my room and gave me a questioning look I just pointed at the DVD in his hand she shook her head and left the room. When he got the DVD going we watched it until the end i was almost asleep when I heard him say those three words I had been dying for him to say my whole life "I Love You" I smiled and said "I Love You too" and with that I fell asleep in his arms and knew I'd be doing this for a long time after tonight.

                             THE END

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