The Mockingjay Curse

Katniss is older and has children, 1 girl and 1 boy. The girl is 16 and is named Perriwinkle. The boy is 14 and is named Charlie. What happens when dead President Snows grandchild Perraminta is thirsty for the spot as president? And it just happens to be open?


1. The Awakening

"Mom! Dad! Someone is at the door!" I wake up hearing Charlie say.

"I got it." Peeta says. I feel him get up and decide to get up too.

I walk down stairs.

"Hello, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Melark?" The man at the door says.

"Yes, but it is Melark for me now too." I say.

"Ok, I figured."

"Well?" Peeta says.

"President Coin has died. There is an election for president and you two have been nominated. Along with Gale Hawthorn and Perraminta Snow."

Why did that name sound so familar? Wait! 

"Snow?" I say. 



"We have to go to the capitol." Peeta says

"Coin left a room in his will for us." I say

"I'm scared" The kids say

"Grand I broung kids into this!" I say

"The train should be here soon." Peeta says

We quietly and sleeply get on the train. None of us got any sleep last night. Once we got to the capitol, I looked out the window. I saw Peeta wince at the memories of when we were last here. I will never forget it. 

On the bright side I get to see Gale for the first time in a while. My mother and him moved to different districs.

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