Gotta Be You.....

This is a story about 2 girls that will meet 1Direction. Elise has a curly dark brown hair, great smile, and a gorgeous hazel eyes. While Mary has a wavy blonde hair, and light blue eyes


1. The concert

"BEEP BEEP BEEP! " " I'm up! I'm up!" Elise said. She woke up and hit the showers while Mary is still sleeping. Elise wears her uniform and said to Mary" WAKE UP ITS 7:00 AM" Elise screamed. " I'm up! I'm up!" Mary answered. They go to the kitchen and got to work so they can earn money to buy tickets for the 1D concert. They work at Starbucks Coffee.(After 8 hours) "YAY WE GO TICKETS FOR THE CONCERT!!!" They screamed and jumped up and down. Tomorrow is the concert. They sleep early to be the first one to be there. " WAKE UP WAKE UP ITS 2 IN THE AFTERNOON!!!" Elise screamed to Mary. They hit the showers and get dressed. Elise go for the casual look, a polka dot blouse, skinny jeans and a sparkly ballet flats. Mary goes for a party look a white blouse, black cardigan, white miniskirt and leather boots. Elise is in love with Zayn, while Mary is in love with Harry. Mary thought that Harry was staring at her while singing her favorite song " little things". After the concert, we had free backstage pass by their manager as a gift of appreciation. They're the last so they had more time than the others. When the security guard said that they're next, they jumped and down. They got each hug from one another. Mary flirted at Harry while Elise is chatting with Zayn. When they're time is up they walked home and they heard a scream that is coming from the boys dressing room. They heard this "NIALL WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER?!" Harry screamed "I got hungry okay and I have issues too you know?!" Said Niall in an angry voice. But when they heard that they got scared and frightened so they run and left the building.
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