This is a story about how Zayn and Emily promising that they would never forget about each other and not separate.When Zayn auditions for the X-factor and he gets into a band named One Direction,he forgets about Emily.20 years later,Zayn meets Emily once again at a hotel.Will Zayn and Emily remember everything they have gone through a few years back???


4. Shopping,shopping,shopping💵💵

I drove to the biggest mall in town.While driving,I called Katy and Sarah if they wanted to join me.Unfortunately,they couldn't come because they were leaving for holidays today..ALREADY??!!Man.....I reached there less than 40 minutes.I parked my car and waited for Tara to park her BMW.As we went up the elevator,Tara was screaming about how we were going to watch the One Direction concert in Paris...I groaned when I heard the word One Direction..Did I tell you??I hated One Direction.I could have liked them just if one member from One Direction wasn't there...That meanie...Zayn shouldn't even be there..Why??Because..It's a long story..Maybe I'll tell you another time.Soo.As I said,Tara was talking about
One Direction and finally we went out.Suddenly,Tara pulled me to a luggage shop..That was fast.But when we reached there,I noticed why she was so eager.There,right in the luggage shop was a One Direction luggage..I groaned loudly showing Tara that I wasn't interested but she pulled me in right before I could walk off....But I really changed my mind when I saw a pink suitcase and I bought it straight away.I also bought a carryon to put my phone and make-up kit when I'm in Paris!!!!This was going to be the best summer vacation ever!!!:)
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