This is a story about how Zayn and Emily promising that they would never forget about each other and not separate.When Zayn auditions for the X-factor and he gets into a band named One Direction,he forgets about Emily.20 years later,Zayn meets Emily once again at a hotel.Will Zayn and Emily remember everything they have gone through a few years back???



"Relax!!!At least I'm already here!!"I said to the two of my best friends,Katy and Sarah.They looked furious as I had promised them to help decorate the class for the class party.My class always held a party before summer.Umm...I kind of forgot about that too..As I said,I was bombarded with too much homework.I went in to the class and put all my stuff at the side of class since all the tables were used for either tables to eat at or to put all the kinds of food we brought.There were only a few people there,mostly boys but I didn't care.I talked to Katy and Sarah while waiting for everyone to come.Mdm Penelope,our teacher was already there with us.As usual,she brought a cake(a chocolate ice-cream cake) while Katy brought pizza and Sarah brought the drinks.Me,I only brought....MYSELF!!!Heehee...After a few more minutes of waiting,everyone finally came.We played Truth or Dare and I hated it...After hours and hours of having fun,the school bell rang.All of us cheered and I could hear other classes cheer too.I was going to Paris in a few days with Tara and without our parents!!!!I ran to the parking lots,unlocked my car and drove off to go home.Tara and I were going to go shopping to buy all the things we needed and we really needed new luggages!!I knew that we were going to spend a lot of money and our parents knew that too...That's why they gave us a whole load of money for our shopping spree!!!I went back and headed to the bathroom to bathe and change.I smiled,imagining all the stuff we were going to buy.Awesome!!
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