This is a story about how Zayn and Emily promising that they would never forget about each other and not separate.When Zayn auditions for the X-factor and he gets into a band named One Direction,he forgets about Emily.20 years later,Zayn meets Emily once again at a hotel.Will Zayn and Emily remember everything they have gone through a few years back???


5. Paris:)

"You must promise to......."but before my Mom could say anything more,we went out and rushed to my car not forgetting my camera and plane tickets.Tara and I couldn't stand any longer.It was 2 hours before the flight and we still had to check in our luggages and all...(BTW,Tara bought the One Direction suitcase��)We hurried to the departure hall and had only 30 minutes more so we boarded the plane.I smiled as I reached my seat.We got a first class thanks to my parents:)Suddenly,someone over the speaker said,"We are going to take off soon.Pls put on your seatbelts and have a nice trip!!"Woah..She's cheerful..,

~5 hours later~
"Hey Emily!!Wake up!!"an irritating voice interrupted my beauty sleep.I groaned and rubbed my blurry eyes.I looked up the window and my frown disappeared when I saw Paris.It was so wonderful and beautiful,just like how I expected it to be!!Perfect!!I went out of the plane and we retrieved our luggages.Both of us hailed a cab as we could not wait to reach our hotel.Our hotel was in Conrad and we got a twin suite!!!!I love my parents!!!I took out my camera and the only sound I heard was the "click!" on my camera and all I could see was beautiful Paris.
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