This is a story about how Zayn and Emily promising that they would never forget about each other and not separate.When Zayn auditions for the X-factor and he gets into a band named One Direction,he forgets about Emily.20 years later,Zayn meets Emily once again at a hotel.Will Zayn and Emily remember everything they have gone through a few years back???


1. Holidays!!

I opened my eyes and checked my phone.I had 1 hour to get ready for school.I groaned and went to the bathroom.Like any other school day,I dreaded to wake up at 5:30 in the morning.After bathing,I went to my wardrobe and chose a white top saying,"Forever Young!" in black and white jeans.I slipped on my white converse and went in to the kitchen to see my bratty younger sister,Tara.She looked happy and excited saying that she could not wait for school to start.Weird.I made some toast and grabbed my bag(Which I spent 40 minutes packing the night before).I asked Tara why she was acting that way and she looked at me,raising her eyebrows.I only replied with a,"What?!"She shook her head and grumbled,"It's summer tomorrow!!"

My eyes widened and I smacked myself...How could I forget???I guess I was bombarded with too much homework....I quickly grabbed my car keys and ran outside where my BMW was parked.I unlocked my car and drove as fast as I could to school(Of course I still followed the traffic rules) as I noticed I only had 20 minutes left to reach school....Who wanted to be late for the LAST day of school???(Although there will still be school next year)Well,definitely not me:)
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