This is a story about how Zayn and Emily promising that they would never forget about each other and not separate.When Zayn auditions for the X-factor and he gets into a band named One Direction,he forgets about Emily.20 years later,Zayn meets Emily once again at a hotel.Will Zayn and Emily remember everything they have gone through a few years back???


8. Eww...One Direction??!!

Before he could even wear back his glasses,Tara shrieked quietly.I looked at her,giving her a questioning look.She was speechless.I looked at the boy I bumped in to and suddenly saw,in shock that it was Zayn Malik from One Direction......

Zayn'z POV
I looked at girl again and somehow I felt that I saw her before.With her blue beautiful eyes and her great grin,she looked like a girl I knew a long time ago.Wait,it couldn't be....

Emily's POV
I caught Zayn staring at me and I rushed back to our hotel room.Tara still stood there.I ignored her and went to the toilet,tears streaming down my eyes.

Tara's POV
Suddenly,Zayn asked me,"Would you mind if I asked anything??What's your sister's name??"I stared in awe and replied.His smile suddenly changed in to a frown.He turned back to the other members of One Direction to keep me company while he talked to Emily.He grabbed my hotel room key and went in the room...Weird..I looked back at the other members and smiled.
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