This Moment In Time

*Not Famous* When Perrie meets Zayn one night she finds a friend. A very gorgeous friend that is. But as time goes on she feels like it's blossoming into something more. But will Zayn feel the same? Will Perrie be able to handle Zayn's past?


3. Last First Kiss


Zayn's P. O. V.             After Perrie walked off I just stood there grinning like an idiot for a couple of minutes. She was definitely a lightweight drinker. Then I groaned realizing I had broken my vow to not talk to her or see her again. Oh well, to hell with that promise. I couldn't resist her any longer. In fact, I would text her tomorrow. I shook my head to clear my thoughts and walked out of the club. All of the sudden I felt something cold being pressed to the back of my neck and the click of a safety. "Malik, we need to talk," a deep voice growled. Perrie's P. O. V.           I woke up the next morning with a pounding headache from drinking and a crick in my neck from sleeping on my couch. As I got up and stretched I wondered how I ended up on the couch. When, I walked into my room to get clothes my question was answered. Sprawled out on my bed was Jesy, Leigh-Anne, and  Jade. I smiled fondly at their sleeping figures and grabbed a T-shirt and jeans. I slipped out as quietly as possible and went to go take a shower trying to remember what happened last night.    

        Suddenly it all came back to me and I blushed bright red. The alcohol did make me braver. I would have never been able to do that in real life. I got out of the shower, got dressed, and blow dried my hair quickly then went to the kitchen to begin making breakfast. As I was flipping the last pancake I heard a muffled thump come from the bedroom and I giggled knowing someone was awake now and probably just fell out of my bed. Leigh-Anne came stumbling out her red hair all mussed up. "Breakfast?" She questioned sleepily rubbing her eyes and I pointed towards the table where there was a huge stack of pancakes, butter, syrup, and a jug of orange juice set out in the table.  She sat down and began scarfing down pancakes.

        And that's where Jesy and Jade found us. We sat just talking when all of the sudden my phone buzzed. I looked at the screen to see I had a text message from Zayn. I unlocked the screen and read the text message smiling. Jesy giggled and stage whispered, "Ooh, I think someone's got herself a good text message." I blushed and read the text message. 
Hey, I know a little cafe that serves great food. Wanna get lunch today? -Zayn           "Say yes, say yes!" Jade chanted. "Wait," Leigh-Anne said, "Is he cute? And where did you meet him?" I explained to them where I met him and that yes, I found him very attractive man. They all agreed that I should say yes and I sent a text back. 
Sure! Can't wait, what time?  -Perrie
        I sat bouncing my foot waiting for a reply. Finally, my phone vibrated again and I snatched it up opening up the text. 
How about 1:30? What's your address. I'll pick you up.               -Zayn
        I quickly told him my address and we all fangirled. Finally Jade brought up the question that I'd been wondering about the whole time. "So is this like, a first date or what?" She said wonderingly. "I'm not quite sure," I admitted. That was the question that kept coming back into my mind every time I thought of Zayn.  Finally it was almost time to go. I had decided that I would leave my clothes on and just pull back my hair and add some earrings and a little makeup. Zayn's P. O. V.            I smiled as I received Perrie's last text. I couldn't wait to see her. I haven't felt this way about a girl since, since, no.  I wouldn't think about her. There was no point. I sat by the door of my apartment waiting for 1 o'clock. It would take about thirty minutes to get to Perrie's place. Suddenly my phone went off and I pulled it out of my pocket. "Vas happenin, Louis?" I asked my best mate. "Mate, did you get the money yet?" I rubbed my forehead frustrated and replied, "No, not yet."

        "Well, they've been asking around for you Malik." "Ya, I know they found me last night and had a talk with me." I winced remembering the gun pressed against my neck. "You need to hurry up. I don't wanna see you get hurt, mate." "I'm working on, Tomlinson." With that I hung up. I bloody well knew I was running out of time. I didn't need a reminder.    Perrie's P. O. V.           When he ran up the stairs to my apartment and rung the doorbell I was sitting on the couch waiting on him. I bounced up from where I was sitting and grabbed my purse heading towards the door. When I opened it he was standing there is hands stuffed in his pockets looking awkward. "Zayn!" I greeted him wrapping him in a hug. When I pulled back he grinned at me and I turned to lock the door thankful that all of the girls had gone home already.  He led me down to a car. "Didn't you have a motorcycle?" I asked thinking back to the night we met. Zayn shrugged. "Yeah," he responded nonchalantly, "but I'm letting a friend borrow it."

        His eyes told me there was more to the story but I let it slide figuring that if he wanted to talk about it he would have told me already. He opened the door, waited for me to slide in then closed jogging around to the driver side. He climbed in and started it up, smoothly back up from his parking spot. "So where are you originally from?" Zayn asked attempting to make small talk. "I'm from South Shields, and you?" But he ignored the question his eyes widening as he glanced at me. "Your a long way from home. Why are you all the way in London?"

        I smiled ruefully, "Well, I was going to college here but trying to keep a job and go to college and keep up with my apartment payments is hard and I don't have a roommate." "That's tough," Zayn sighed. "Definitely." For the rest of the ten minute ride we just talked but it felt so natural and I started wondering, no hoping, that maybe we had some kind of connection. When we got into the cafe we say down and a girl, who looked like she was in her twenties, came to serve us.  As we sat down she smiled at us and asked Zayn, "Is this your girlfriend?"

        He chuckled and I melted a little inside. He leaned over and stage whispered, "Not yet, but this is our first date so if I play it right, I may have this beautiful lady to call mine." He winked at me and I flushed as the girl laughed at us. "Well, my names Eleanor, and I'll be your server this afternoon what can I get you guys to drink?" We told her but all I could think about was what Zayn said. First date. It would wonderfully of course. Even Eleanor made a comment about how cute a couple we are.

       After the date while Zayn walked out to the car I traded numbers with Eleanor and would have gladly say there talking to her for ages, except for the fact that her phone rang. She looked at the caller ID and smiled. "I gotta take this. It's my boyfriend, Louis." I smiled at her lovey dovey expression and said my goodbyes. I stay lost in thought thankful for the silence. Not that it was an awkward silence, it was very comfortable. Finally, Zayn spoke up, "We're here." I looked at him, really looked at him.

        He looked tired, but happy. "Do you wanna come upstairs for a little bit?" I asked hesitantly. He grinned at me, "Sure!" We walked up the stairs and I unlock the door trying to focus while he was so close to me. I finally managed to get the door open. I stumbled, almost falling in my haste to get far enough away from him that I could think straight. I went to the shelf by the tv and pulled a DVD out. "Titanic?" "Sure," Zayn said then grinned at me, "Are you gonna cry?" I stuck out my tongue at him and laughed. "Maybe a little." Sure enough, I was crying. I turned and placed my head in Zayn's shoulder and he stiffened for a moment then relaxed.

        "It's just a movie, love." "I know but it's so sad!" I wailed. After the movie we sat and talked for awhile. Not about anything in particular just switching topics, as fast as our mouths could. When it was time for Zayn to go home I stood up and walked him to the parking lot. It was raining and he turned to me. He stood over me and I looked up at him smiling.

       "Hey, there!" I giggled. He leaned down until our lips were inches apart and whispered, "Hey there." Then paused, teasing me with his nearness. Finally, I could take it no longer and wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him down the rest of the way.

         All I could think about was how perfectly his lips fit on mine, the fire coursing through my veins, and the electric feeling at every nerve ending. It was like a storybook moment with the rain making our skin slick and it felt like the only two people in the world right now were Zayn and I. I pulled away unwillingly, gasping for air. Zayn looked at me his lips flushed and his breath unsteady. "I think," he began and I was afraid of what might follow, "we should do that more often." He finished smiling.

        He stroked my check with his thumb gave me a kissing my forehead and climbed into his car. I stood there for a long time in the rain. Just staring at the empty space where his car was parked and wishing he didn't leave. Eventually, I started shivering and headed upstairs to put on warm clothes. I put some soup on the stove and sat there just replaying that moment over and over.
        After I finished eating I moved to the couch and turned on a movie but all I could think about was how Zayn smelled and how his lips felt and how his hands fit perfectly against my waist. I looked over at my wall clock and saw it was just about nine. Three hours since Zayn left. Oh yeah, I had it bad. All of the sudden I heard a loud banging on the door that made me jump. Who would be at my door at this hour?  
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