This Moment In Time

*Not Famous* When Perrie meets Zayn one night she finds a friend. A very gorgeous friend that is. But as time goes on she feels like it's blossoming into something more. But will Zayn feel the same? Will Perrie be able to handle Zayn's past?


2. Bare Skin and a Bad Boy


Zayn's P. O. V.          When I told Perrie I had to meet my mom, I was lying of course. I didn't want to lie to her. She was absolutely gorgeous. Her blue eyes made me want to just stare at them forever. Her blonde hair looked so soft. I wanted run my hands through it. And her lips. What I would give to kiss them. I shook my head clearing the image from my mind. I couldn't risk her safety. I wouldn't talk to her again and I would avoid the night club she worked at.   Perrie's P. O. V.             I sighed and turned over as my phone went off, waking me up. I grabbed it off the night stand answering it with a groggy hello. My ear was immediately filled with words that I couldn't comprehend much less respond to it. "Woah, woah. Can you slow down and repeat?" I mumbled sitting up and stretching, trying to clear the fog from my mind. "Girl, it's 12:30 in the afternoon. Why are you still sleeping?" My friend Jade questioned me. "I had work last night!" I answered getting up and trading my sleep shorts and tank top for sweats and a T-shirt. I had met Zayn last night, I remembered. "...So are you coming out for my birthday tonight?" Jade had been chattering and I had only caught the end of what she was saying. "Yeah, of course!" I said tuning back in. "That's great! Can I choose your outfit?" I nodded then remembering she couldn't see me and said, "Sure!" "Great," she squealed then hung up without saying goodbye.

           I sighed and tossed my phone on the bed. The day passed the same as any other day after I work. Yoga, sleeping, and eating. Finally around 7:30 the doorbell rang. When I opened it, Leigh-Anne, Jesy, and Jade filed in. There was a bunch of hugging and squealing and then I was forcibly dragged into my room and shoved into a chair. I can honestly say I don't remember what the next hour of conversation was about. All I could think about was Zayn. When they were finally ready I was pulled over to the mirror to behold the "masterpiece" they had created.

         I had to admit I looked pretty. My hair was curled and my eye makeup had that slightly smoky look to it that brought out the blue in my eyes. I was wearing a grey crop top and a light rose colored maxi skirt with sandals. "Where are we going?" I said wonderingly touching my face. "To a new hipster club!" Jade said chirpily. We all double checked our makeup and then headed out. When we arrived at the night club, we clambered out of the car and walked up to the bouncer. He smiled at us and stamped our hands then unclipped the velvet rope. Jesy grabbed my hand and I linked hands with Jade who linked hands with Leigh-Anne. "Jade, Leigh, Perrie, I'm headed to the bar. You coming?" I shook my head and pointed towards the dance floor but Jesy grabbed my hand and leaned closer, shouting in my ear, "Just a shot then!"
        I let her pull me to the bar and buy me a shot. I tipped it up letting the fiery liquid slide down my throat giving me a nice buzz. I took a few more shots then stood up and walked off letting the girls sit there attracting men. I slid out on the dance floor, feeling the bass thump through me. Letting the music take me away. Someone called my name and I turned to find Zayn looking at me in surprise. "Zayn!" I said in delight and jumped up to hug him. I giggled slightly as his hands shot out to hold on to waist and steady us both. I released him and stepped back enough that I could look at him. "How tall are you?" I said wonderingly. I really had to crane my neck to look at him. I'm five foot, nine," answered grinning at my wide eyed expression. "That isn't that tall. Perrie how much have you had to drink?" He watched amused as I held up three fingers. "Three what? Shots?" I nodded and he laughed.

        His laugh was amazing. And he looked breathtaking. He had just a pair of jeans, a white T-shirt, and a blazer on but that was all he needed They all hugged him so nicely. I could see his muscles. And he had a very rugged look. He still had that day old shadow that made me want to touch his face. And I guess the drinks made me slightly more brave. Because that's exactly what I did. I raised my hand, which was trembling slightly, and placed it against his jaw.  His breath caught in his throat and he eyed me questioningly and I pulled back blushing. He shook his head slightly and then cleared his throat.

         "Perrie, would you like to dance?" It was then that I realized we had been standing in the middle of the dance floor not doing anything but staring at each other. I nodded and pulled him closer to me looping my arms around his neck. He looked at me again then hesitantly place his hands on my waist. As we began to dance he leaned in and said into my ear, "So your a lightweight huh?" I understood what he was talking about but it took me a second to collect my bearings because all I could think about was how warm his palms were. The same palms that happened to be placed so that they were pressed up against the bare skin of my back. He pulled back expectantly and my one thought was that I had to remember to thank the girls for putting me in a crop top tonight. Then I realized Zayn was still waiting for an answer and pouted at him, "I am not a light weight!"

        He threw back his head and laughed. Then he leaned in again and I could feel his warm breath against my neck making a shiver run down my  spine. "Sure babe, whatever you say," he whispered huskily. I laughed and hit his shoulder. "Somehow I get the feeling your a bad boy," I said tilting my head to the side. "Sure maybe a little, I take risks and do some stupid things. But I'm not a player if that's what you mean." An unidentifiable emotion passed through his eyes.

         "Hmm, well maybe, since you know your not a player, we could meet up sometime." I slid his phone out of his back pocket making his eyes widen in surprise. I smirked at him and punches my number in sending myself a text. I leaned so close I could almost count each individual eyelash, so close that I could have kissed him and whispered, "You should really keep your phone locked." With that I turned and sauntered off leaving him stunned in the center of the dance floor. 
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