This Moment In Time

*Not Famous* When Perrie meets Zayn one night she finds a friend. A very gorgeous friend that is. But as time goes on she feels like it's blossoming into something more. But will Zayn feel the same? Will Perrie be able to handle Zayn's past?


1. Maybe


Perrie's P. O. V.            The crowd jeered as the left hook caught the boy right in the eye. I winced sympathetically as he doubled over in pain only to have a knee brought up to his groin. He didn't mean to start the bar fight of course. I had watched the whole thing play out and as the only bar tender working a shift tonight it was my job to break up the fight. As I attempted to wade through the crowd I became increasingly agitated at what little progress I was making. Finally I shoved my way through the front line and waved my dish towel in the air. "Okay boys, break it up!" I said firmly gripping the beefy one by his collar and pushing him away. Ignoring me he went right back at the smaller guy. I stood up on my tip-toes, my high heels only giving a couple of inches to my normally 5'3" frame. I began scanning the heads of the crowd looking for someone in particular. Finally, I spotted him. "Paul!" I shouted to the bouncer that was working at the club tonight. Knowing there wasn't any possible way he would be able to hear me over the thumping bass that was pounding through the night club I began to wave my arms around like a fool trying to get his attention.
           After about three minutes of making a complete bloody idiot of myself I caught his eye. I pointed towards the two boys who were on the floor wrestling again. He nodded and whispered into the ear of the other bouncer, who I didn't recognize. I stood there waiting on him, wringing my hands, scared to attempt to break up the fight, which had started out as an accidental bump in the shoulder and had quickly escalated into a full out bar brawl.

           When Paul had finally broken through the crowd he assessed the situation then began pulling them apart. There was groans from the crowd and people began moving in closer to start up the fight again. Now fully irritated I went behind the bar and reached below the counter to begin searching for my secret weapon. When I found it I full out grinned. I climbed up on the bar and glanced at the DJ, who was oblivious to the ruckus that had erupted on the dance floor. I cut my hand under my chin in a short jerky motion at him and he nodded to show he understood. I waited until he cut the music then took the little can and pressed the button that emitted a loud fog horn. Everyone winced and became quiet instantly.
            "Now, Paul will you please  escort that gentleman out," I sighed exasperatedly. Paul nodded and began dragging the beefy one out. I hopped down from the countertop as the music started back and dodged a couple of people to go look for the smaller man. When I found him, he was hunched over in pain. I grabbed his sleeve and towed him gently over to the bar. As I went behind the counter, I gestured at the stools. "Sit down, stay awhile. You got a name?" I said as rummaged around looking for a zip lock bag.

           When I located one, I began to put ice in and waited for him to answer. "Yeah, Zayn." He said raising his voice slightly to be heard over the music. I handed over the ice pack and grabbed a damp rag. "Nice to meet you Zayn. The names Perrie." I leaned over to dab the blood from his split lip as he gently pressed the ice pack to his left eye. "You must think I'm a complete arse for getting into a fight." Zayn muttered ashamedly. "Nah, I saw what happened. It wasn't your fault." I answered off-handed. When, I was finished cleaning Zayn's face off I went back behind the bar and started serving people again.

            Zayn lingered close by and made small talk with me as the night wore on. I found that I talked to him, a complete stranger, easier then I did some  of my closest friends. Finally, he brought up the topic of my current place of employment. "So what's a pretty thing like you doing working in a rough place like this?" He questioned grinning at me. The corner of my mouth lifted in amusement. "A rough place like this? It's just a night club, it's not like it's something illegal or anything like that."
          He shook his head winking at me, "Still you seem awfully delicate." I laughed shaking my head, "I am definitely not delicate. My brother knows the owner of this place and I needed a job so he hooked me up. And so far I'm the best bartender they've had." "Aren't you a little too young to be working at a club though?" he asked tilting his head to the side. "Oy! I'm twenty-two!" I said indignantly. "And aren't YOU to young to be in this club anyway?" I said glaring at him playfully. "Nah, I'm twenty-three." He grinned at me and ran his fingers through his dark hair.

            It was then that I noticed he was quite an attractive man. If his left eye wasn't swollen shut then I would have been able to see two instead of just one of a pair of sinfully dark eyes. His high cheekbones were to die for and his slight stubble made me want to run my hand across his jaw. I shook my head realizing I was staring. He raised his eye brow questioningly at me and I blushed bright red. "Sorry, just lost in thought," I muttered. He nodded in disbelief but let the subject drop, something for which I was grateful for.

          I glanced at the clock as everyone begin to clear out and realized it was half past two. Remembering it was my turn to lock up tonight, I went to the break room and grabbed my purse double checking to make sure I had everything. I walked out of the break room and locked the door then proceed to usher out the stragglers until the only people left were the Zayn, the D J, who was packing up some equipment that couldn't be left out, and me. I began cleaning up the bar area as I waited for the DJ, whose name I recalled was Josh, to leave. Finally he waved and said his goodbyes then started up his truck and left. Zayn sat on a stool across from me watching as I mopped up the spilled vodka that one of my customers had knocked behind the bar as he was explaining something. He had been flirting with a girl and was waving his hand around emphasizing his point then all the sudden there was vodka everywhere.

          Zayn asked curiously, "Don't you have day staff to clean up this mess?" I nodded, "Yeah, but I prefer to clean up the bar area myself." I finished up the last of it and we headed outside. As I turned to lock the door he glanced at his watch and gasped. I glanced at him curiously and he explained that he told his mom, who he was visiting he would be home by twelve that night. I laughed and muttered, "Your a bit late."  Zayn shook his head ruefully and hopped on his motorcycle. "Well, I gotta run. Maybe we can meet up again soon?" I nodded, " Maybe."
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