Together In Life And Death.

It is the last year at Hogwarts for Harry, Ron and Hermione. With Dumbledore gone, no one really knows what this year is going to be like. One thing they know for sure is that like every year, something is bound to happen. Especially now that Voldemort is back and more powerful then before.
I hope you'll enjoy reading this fan fiction and any kind of feedback/constructive critisism will be taken on board :) don't be shy to let me know what you think.


6. Letter


"No-now, c-calm do-down, Bella.."

"HOW CAN I CALM DOWN ??!!??" she screamed.

"What's happening here?" Voldemort's cold voice came echoing from the walls.

"Lucius here, hasn't done his job right!!"

"I swear, I never saw them anywhere ! Not even when Umbridge was in Hogwarts. There was no signs of them ever being there!" Lucius had never in his life sounded so nervous than now.

"Maybe you should have looked harder !!" screamed Bella.

"QUIET! What are you two talking about?"

"The Black's!" Bella gave his master the letter Draco had sent earlier.


Aunt Bella was right. The Black sisters do exist. I saw one of them today in Hogwarts. She has taken the place of Dumbledore. She has aunt Bella's hair and that blood-traitors Sirius's eyes. I haven't seen the other one, but I'm quite sure she's around here somewhere. Overall that girl, Kelly is her name, seems harmless and she's only 17. I do have some good news too. I've been getting closer to Granger. She kind of trusts me already. Hope everything is fine wih you. Pay my regards to the Dark Lord and tell mum, I love her.


Voldemort ripped the paper to pieces. "So, how can we correct this situation. We don't know anything about those nuances. Lucius, tell Draco to find out as much as you can, about that girl.."

"It's all Snape's fault" Lucius interrupted "I'm sure, he knew something about them!"

"How dare you interrupt me! Crucio!" Voldemort watched Lucius twitch on the ground.

"Forgive me!!"

"Severus hasn't done anything wrong. He was the one to kill Dumbledore, 'cause your pathetic son couldn't do it! If he had known anything about them, WE had already known a long time ago! Good that your son had that much brains to tell us about them." Voldemort turned and left the room.

"You're such an idiot! I'm ashamed to call you a relative!" Bella followed Voldemort's action and left.

"I had no idea.." Lucius was beaten.


"Ron, can you try and focus on something else than food, fo a while?" Hermione sounded annoyed.

"Wha'? I am payin' attentio' " he answered while stuffing the hugest potato down his throath.

"You really are impossible. Harry, what do you think?"

"I agree with you, Hermione. They are planning something. Something they need us for. We'll just have to find out what it is. The morning post is coming"

Hunders of owls came flying in from the windows. A large black owl flew to Harry, Ron and Hermione and dropped three letters in front of them. Then it flew to Kelly, who was sitting behind the staff table. Kelly winked and all three of them started to rip the letters open. They received their occlumency lessons. Harry's was in the Astronomy tower, Hermione's in the Room of Requierment and Ron's in McGonnagals office. 9 o'clock sharp. There were also free passes inside the envelopes. ' In case of Filch ' written on the back.

"Before you all proceed to your classes" Kelly had stood up and started talking, the Great Hall was silent "I wanted to say, that this weekend is going to be The Hogsmeade Weekend, but unfortunately we only accept 5th years and older. There will be no sneaking past the rules. That's all." she finishe seeing the disappointment on the faces of 4th years.

"It's great being 7th years" Harry smiled.

" 'cmon, start moving. We have transfiguration and I don't want to be late!"

"We're coming, we're coming, 'Ermione. But it won't become a habit!" Harry and Ron laughed.

"Oh, you two!" Hermione couldn't help smiling.

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