Together In Life And Death.

It is the last year at Hogwarts for Harry, Ron and Hermione. With Dumbledore gone, no one really knows what this year is going to be like. One thing they know for sure is that like every year, something is bound to happen. Especially now that Voldemort is back and more powerful then before.
I hope you'll enjoy reading this fan fiction and any kind of feedback/constructive critisism will be taken on board :) don't be shy to let me know what you think.


5. Confusing truth

They were startled at first but then a wide smile came across their faces. It was amazing. The whole Order was in that office. Mrs Weasely was the first to run to Harry and hug him.


"Oh yes, i'm sorry.. It's just.." and then she burst out crying.

McGonnagal gave a cup of tea to calm her down.

"Now, you probably don't know why have I called you here and more important, who am I" Kelly started "it's okay, cause you'll get the answers in a minute and for your information even the Order doesn't know who we" she turned to the other girl "are."

"I'm Matt, Kelly's sister and.." Her voice sounded so sweet and caring that Harry couldn't get his eyes off of her.

"Enough, luv! First things first" Kelly smiled at her sister. "Ms. Granger, Mr.Weasley and Mr. Potter. I have asked you here, to ask you come and join the Order of the Phoenix." her voice had turned cold and low "If you agree, then you'll have to take upon you the responsibility to give your life for the wellbeing of the muggle- and wizardingworld. If you reject the offer, you won't be given another opportunity later. Decide now." and then there was silence.

Hermione, Ron and Harry had neverever been so shocked before. "It's all too much for the first day" Hermione thought to herself. "What's going on?" went through Harry's mind. "Maybe we'll get more food if we join." was the only thing Ron could think of.

Matt burst out laughing. At such times Kelly liked to use the thought link between sisters. "What is it?" thought Kelly. "It's just funny what Weasley's thinking. Only about food!" Matt shot a thought back. They both smiled at each other without saying a word outloud.

"So, have you decided? Will you join us?"

Harry and Hermione gave a solid "Yes!" while Ron said "a wha'. Sorry, wasn't paying attention.. Yes I'll join too, but I'm still hungry."

Now everybody laughed. Even Snape.

"Now, you three need to learn occlumency. Matt, you'll be teaching Ms. Granger, I'll take Mr. Potter and Minerva, you can take Mr. Weasley."

"but we still want to know who you are." Hermione tried not to sound too curious.

"Oh yeah, forgot that."Kelly let out a sigh and Matt held her hand. "We are the daughters of Sirius Black and Emma Pettigrew."

"Sirius never had a wife and Peter never had a sister!" Lupin said outloud what Harry had been thinking.

"Of course they didn't. Peter had a stepsister and Sirius had a thing for someone only he knew existed. Emma was adopted by Peter's mother and father and she was raised as a family member. It was easy to keep her in secrecy for she never wanted to come to Hogwarts and Peter had no reason to tell you guys about her. But Sirius had found out somehow. And he was the only one who had ever seen her, beautiful as she was, Sirius had a crush on her from the first sight. She got pregnant and gave birth to two beautiful babies. Us. Then came dark times. We were just 1 years old. Sirius had no chance to leave us, 'cause otherwise we all would have been killed. When he found out that Peter had betrayed James and Lily, he was furious. He had stormed into our house, scared Emma half dead and left without a word. Afterwards he was taken to Azkaban, accused in killing several muggles and Peter Pettigrew. But Peter wasn't dead. He came home to Emma and told her, she'd have to get on by herself. He called for Dumbledore and gave us in care of him. All of a sudden Bella rushed in. Somehow she had found out about Emma and was furious. Dumbledore took us away and afterwards told us, that Peter had just stood there and watched her step sister being killed. Then he had ran away, Bella had been put to Azkaban and Voldemort had been defeated. You know the rest."

"And Dumbledore raised you? Here? How come we didn't know?" asked Moody, who was the first to find any words.

"Dumbledore kept us in secrecy 'cause he didn't know if Bella knew about us or not. And a good thing he did, because Bella knew. I saw it in Mr. Malfoy's eyes today. Anyway, Dumbleodre raised us here. The only ones who knew about us were Minerva, Severus, Hagrid and Dumbledore himself. I spent most of my time with Hagrid, learning about Magical Creatures and Matt's especially knowledged in Potions, thanks to Snape. So now you know our story and it's better to keep it to ourselves. That's why you three" she pointed to Hermione, Harry and Ron "need to learn occlumency real hard. Now, look at the time. You should be in bed. Return to your dormitorys and don't let Filch catch you."

When they had left, all the Order members started to leave too. "It's all really confusing" said Lupin. "Don't worry about a thing, we'll alarm you if something happens." Kelly answered. A few moments later only Kelly, Matt, McGonnagal and Snape were left.

"You think I told them everything too soon, don't you, Minerva."

"Well it's not up to me to say. If Dumbledore wanted it, then so be it.."

".. but you're gonna have a hard time teaching them occlumency, my dears" finished Snape.

"We know, but we learned from the best." smiled Matt and gave Snape a hug.

"Now we all need to get a little rest. Tomorrow's gonna be quite a day." said Kelly

When McGonnagal and Snape had left, Matt turned to her sister.

"We're gonna have such fun!"

"All you ever think about is fun, my dear. Even fighting Voldemort sounds 'like FUN' to you" laughed Kelly.

"You know, if you weren't my sister, I would hex you."

"Try me!"

Kelly yawned, took her sister by hand and led her to their bedroom. "Sleep tight" said Matt "and don't let the bedbugs bite" answered Kelly and the both fell asleep.


Meanwhile, Draco was still in the owlery, writing a letter to his father.

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