Together In Life And Death.

It is the last year at Hogwarts for Harry, Ron and Hermione. With Dumbledore gone, no one really knows what this year is going to be like. One thing they know for sure is that like every year, something is bound to happen. Especially now that Voldemort is back and more powerful then before.
I hope you'll enjoy reading this fan fiction and any kind of feedback/constructive critisism will be taken on board :) don't be shy to let me know what you think.


4. A secret

"8 o'clock?!? No, no, no!"

"What's the matter with you? It's not like we had anything planned!" Ron snapped at her.

"How can YOU know, what plans I have or don't have!" Hermione lashed out at him.

"Guys. Cut it out."

"Well, she started it." Ron was beaten.

"Ronald Weasley! All of my plans don't revolve around you nor Harry! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to the bathroom. If I can still go there without YOU!"

"Geesh, it wasn't like we were holding her by force." said Ron while walking away.

"I heard that!" Hermione's voice echoed from the walls. She headed to the owlery, hoping that she would bump into Draco somehow.


"Umm.. I'll see you guys later. I have to go to see Snape, I don't have all the necessary ingredients."

"Sure, whatever." Grabbe and Goyle turned and left him.

"What idiots. Snape doesn't even teach potions anymore." he laughed silently."Now, where could I possibly find Hermione?" His best guess was the library and he turned to go there but then he had a flash. Hermione would be so much smarter than wait for him at the library. She is probably at the owlery instead. "Yeah, I'll check there first." he thought.


Hermione had been sitting in the owlery for hours. Atleast so it seemed, when suddenly the door opened and she saw the familiar blonde hair.

"Draco, I knew you'd figure this out!"

"Well it was tough, but I know you."

Draco went to her and took her in his arms. They stood there like that for several minutes, before Hermione dared to break the silence.

"Did you see the look on Pansy's face, when you didn't give me the wand, but pulled me closer to you. It was hilarious."

"It was more like I'm-gonna-kill-you-Granger look. She yelled at me afterwards. Like what am I thinking, blaa-blaa, Dark Lord, blaa-blaa and so on. I hate keeping it all a secret." Draco sighed.

"Are you insane?! If anyone found out, Pansy wouldn't be the only one with the I'm-gonna-kill-you look! Think a little!" Hermione couldn't stand the thought of being forced to choose between her friends and Draco.

"Yell louder, we have been keeping it in secrecy for too long already." Draco sneered.

"Oh, stop it." Hermione couldn't help laughing.

They sat down and she curled herself up in his arms. She hoped it would last forever. Then it hit her, what was the time?

"Draco, what's the time?"

"It's 5 minutes to 8. Guess you'll have to be going."

"Going? I'm late! Sorry, c'ya tomorrow!" She kissed him on the cheek and ran out of the owlery.

"Yeah, c'ya. By the way, I like you. A lot." Draco whispered the last words and headed to the common room.


Hermione caught up with Harry and Ron before the gargoyle, in front of Dumbledore's office.

"Where were you."

"None of your business."

Harry seemed confused, but didn't have time to ponder because McGonnagal was heading their way.

"It's nice to see you two being on time for once." McGonnagal looked at Harry and Ron. "Now follow me. Gummy rats!" The gargoyle jumped and let them up the stairs. McGonnagal knocked on the door and after hearing a silent 'Come in.' opened the door. Harry, Ron and Hermione jumped three feet backwards.

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