Together In Life And Death.

It is the last year at Hogwarts for Harry, Ron and Hermione. With Dumbledore gone, no one really knows what this year is going to be like. One thing they know for sure is that like every year, something is bound to happen. Especially now that Voldemort is back and more powerful then before.
I hope you'll enjoy reading this fan fiction and any kind of feedback/constructive critisism will be taken on board :) don't be shy to let me know what you think.


3. A moment

Harry, Ron and Hermione walked to the carriages. They saw Hagrid with the first years and waved.

"Hagrid, you had a nice summer?"

" 'mm, yup . An' you 'Arry ?" He had the same low voice they knew, but it had some exitment in it. Just like then, when they had saved Buckbeack from being killed. It was wierd, because baing so close to Dumbledore Hermione had thought he would still be crushed. She didn't have a lot of time to reason about it, because she heard a familiar voice behind her.

"Lose something, Potter?" he said with a sneere.

"Don't think so, Malfoy. Back off!" Harry responded before realizing what Draco had in his hand. It was his wand. He searched his pockets and noted that he really had lost it.

"Oh , so that means I can keep it. You don't need it anyway, you're gonna be dead by the end of this schoolyear with or without your wand." Blaise and Pansy behind him laughed.

"Stop it you two. Malfoy give it back. Ron put your wand down!" Hermione was really turned on. "You can't even spend 1 minute together without fighting! What's wrong with you?!"

"Come and take it then, Granger." Draco tried not to sound very hopeful. He was hoping for that reaction.

Hermione walked towards him and tried to grab the wand, but Draco pulled her by the hand. "Meet me in the Room of Requierment at 8." he whispered. But outloud he said "Can't keep your hands off me, can you, Granger?" Pansy looked like she could kill Hermione right there.

"Nice try, Malfoy, I would touch you willingly even with a 10 feet pole." Hermione tried to sound angry, but Draco's touch had been so gentle and warm. "Let's go guys. And for christ sake put away your wand, Ron!" Ron looked confused when she returned Harry's wand. "Didn't you see what he did? Did he hurt you?"

"No he didn't. Lay off him!" She didn't even realized what she had said. Harry and Ron looked at her like she was a ghost. "Tell me you didn't mean it?" Harry was really shocked.

"I didn't say anything! Let's go now." Hermione got in the carriage. Ron and Harry followed, still shocked.

"You think she's hiding something from us?" Ron whispered Harry. "Don't be silly. She wouldn't be so dumb to try something with Malfoy, would she?" Ron shook his shoulders. Something was up and he intended to find out what it was.


Draco had been silent for the whole ride to the casle. Pansy opened her mouth many times to say something, but didn't. Then, when they were entering the Great Hall, she finally found the words. "What were you thinking?!"

"Uh? What?" Draco hadn't even realized she was there.

"You let her touch yourself!" Pansy was furious.

"You know very well," said Draco lowering his voice "that the Dark Lord want's me to get close to Granger, so Potter could be dragged down."

"But does he also want that filthy mudblood touching you?!"

"Shut up! It's all part of the plan and don't call her that when she could hear us. End of discussion!" he turned his back on her.


"No but's! i have my orders and you keep your big nose out of it!" He walked away and paid no more attention to her.


The minute they walked into the Great Hall, they knew this year was going to be different. Everyone started to whisper and dicuss. "Is that real?";"I can't believe they would do it..";"Is he doing it without magic?!"

The Great Hall was still being decorated. Prof. Flitwick was putting the chairs in order, McGonnagal and Trelawney were bringing the food on the tables and Hagrid was putting up the house flags. Only thing that seemed magical in the Hall was the ceiling. This time it was clear blue with lots of stars and it was raining, though all the drops faded soon after falling. And the tables were not by houses. There were just small tables mixed up. House flags were mixed everywhere. The students didn't know what to do, 'till Snape came.

"What are you standing here for?" he asked in his normal full of hatred voice.

"We don't know where we're supposed to sit, Professor." said one 4th year Hufflepuff student.

"Can't you see the tables? Or have you just turned more idiotic during the summer?" he turned and left them.

Silently the students started to move towards the tables and sat down. Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs and Rawenclaws got mixed, but the few Slytherins who had come, stayed in groups and avoided other student greatly. Once they had all seated, the first years were brought in. Harry stabbed Ron in the ribs "Ouch! What?" "Who's that sitting on Dumbledore's seat?" Ron hadn't noticed it before Harry pointed it out. He had never seen that girl before in his life. She had long black hair which seemed blueish. She was pale and her eyes were so red from crying they couldn't see her eyes. She wore a black robe and her hands were as pale as her face. She also had a few scars on her hands and one on her left ear.

"Maybe it's someone from the Ministry?" Ron offered.

"Don't be silly, it can't be" Hermione interrupted "she isn't older than we are."

"Guess will just have to wait and find out" thought Harry.

Once the first years were sorted and seated, McGonnagal got up.

"As you can see, this year we are doing things a little different around here. We have no prefects this year. We hope you behave yourselves and don't look for trouble on purpose." with those words she looked at Harry, who tried to make the most innocent face he knew. "Nevertheless the Forbidden Forest is still forbidden and Mr. Filch has added raging candles to his forbidden items list. Now before we eat, I'd like to give a word to a new .. umm .. person in our school."

Everyone were shocked. McGonnagal had never trouble with her speeches and now she couldn't find the words. This was greatly odd.

"Thank you for the introduction Prof. McGonnagal." she looked at the students and saw their shocked expressions. "you're probably wondering why Prof. called me a person. It's because I'll be in the school staff as well as attending lessons with the 7th years. My name is Kelly and I'm a .. friend of Dembledore's. He left me the instuctions for this year before he.. before he was killed. I advise you to act wisely this year. And now I would like you all to stand up and we'll have a minute of silence to honour Dumbledore."

Everyone stood and watched the sky as it turned black and left only the biggest and brightest star shining. Everyone lowered their heads, except for Harry. He looked straight at Kelly and their eyes connected. It lasted for a second and then she lowered her head too. Harry felt cold shivers up and down his spine. It couldn't be. But he could never forget those grey eyes. Though hers were filled with hate and pain, not like Sirius's. He thought he probably imagined it.

Kelly couldn't help herself from sheding a tear. He was the reason why her father was dead. She couldn't believe that such a young boy could do so much good to some people and so much bad to others. "Don't let it get to you, Kelly!" she thought to herself. He loved him too. He just wasn't as strong as I am. Yeah, that must be it she ensured herself.

"So, now lets eat." She sat down and let her eyes over the Slytherins. She noticed Draco staring at her and she shook her head barely so only he would see it. Draco's eyes widened with terror and he didn't look at her not once more. Harry on the other hand wanted to see her eyes again, but Kelly never looked at him.

"Now everybody head to your dormitory's. Oh, and Potter, Weasley, Granger report to my.. i mean Professor Dumbledore's office at 8. "

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