5 hearts

When the five bffs raine,ksenia,lauren,jasmyne and hannah first start at their new high school the dont expect to see the whole of one direction at their school get ready for flirting fun and tears as the girls try and win other their boys


1. Raine

I woke up and rushed out of my bed so exited (after all i should be on the first day of high school right).My name is Raine Flentjer I have bleach blond hair and freckles i quickly rushed into the shower before my sister Maddi could get to it luckily I got there first she takes ages in there after i got out the next issue was what to wear if i waer something to flashy i might get picked on but if i wear something to casual people might think im homeless i finally settled on a blue floral top and some black high waist shorts i quickly ate my wheat-bix and left to walk to high school as soon as i walked through the door all i could here was loud screaming noises i stoped dead in my tracks OMG!!! ONE DIRECTION IS AT MY SCHOO!!!!
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