Left alone

Left alone. Broken. Life is meaningless without you. Maybe I should go too?


1. Left alone


A heart. Broken.
Shattered into little pieces that floats around like fallen leaves on a silent lake.
My heart.
My heart was yours to take. I wanted you to take every little part of me, and make it your own..
But then..
Like the wind you slipped through my fingers. I could not hold onto you. I wish I had the power to hold on to you forever. But I were not that strong.

We were on a journey. A journey together. We walked side by side. We walked in silence. The only thing that could be heard was our footsteps in the gravel and the wind in the trees.
We did not talk. There was no need for talking. Just to know that you were right there by my side was enough to make me happier than ever.
Every time I looked at you, my heart skipped a beat, and my breath got caught in my throat.

But I were not strong enough to keep you by my side. Because all life has to end. Like sand in an hourglass, time runs out. And your time ran out.
I wished, hoped and prayed for you to stay.

Now. I am alone with my broken heart. With the remains of my heart. With those pieces that were not torn out of my chest.

When I now walk alone on this road to our dreams, I keep thinking, that I have to stay strong for you. To keep breathing. To keep walking. To keep on living.
I am doing this for you, because I know you would have wanted me to.
And I will not let you down. I promise that I will not disappoint you.
Even though my world is falling apart, I keep walking.

I forced myself not to cry. If you were here to see me cry, you would have laughed it off. And said to me, that I was being ridicules.

I keep thinking of you. I can feel my facade crumbling. Maybe I should just give up? To stop walking, and join you?
Life is meaningless without you. You were the one feeding me with light. My power source.
So is there any reason for me to live without you?

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