One less lonely girl (Niall)

I've lost everything that I loved. My famly even my friends. I gor kicked out of my moms house and my dad would take me because.... Well im pregnant with Niall Horan's child. Yeah I said it. Now thats when things go down hill for me.


4. Home Fianlly!

Liams POV

"Ashley Greene will you marry me?" I asked hoping she will say yes. She sat there for a while with tears in her eyes then she gave me a slight smile and said "Yes Liam I will marry you!" She screamed in excitement. "I love you Ash." We just sit there hilding each other. "I love you too Liam." After she said that I knew she loved me honestly. "You ready to go." I asked her woth excitement. She nodded her head, I picked the car seat that James was in and we walked out of the hospital. When I got in the limo I took a picture of James and tweeted it. @Liam_Payne_Official: My beautiful son!!! James Payne! I go over 100 comments and they were all congradulations. I showed Ashley and she was smiling and blushing like crazy.

Nialls POV

I cant believe he asked her to marry him. Im discusted. Thats my son, I screwed up big time I shouldve taken her in cause I just new Liam would come running to her. Daddy direction. What the hell I wish I could take back time. I opened the front door as the limo pulled up and Ashley, James and .... Liam got out. I smiled when I saw Ashley and James. Oh my god hes starting to look like me! "Hey need some help Ash?" I asked politely. "Sure!" She said suprised. She handed me James and I took him inside. I took him out of his car seat and held him. I loved the way he smelt just like a baby. I started smiling and laughing.

Ashleys POV

Niall was being so helpful with the baby. He couldnt stop smiling when he took him out of the car seat. Niall sat on the couch feeding James his formula.

3 years later.......

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