One less lonely girl (Niall)

I've lost everything that I loved. My famly even my friends. I gor kicked out of my moms house and my dad would take me because.... Well im pregnant with Niall Horan's child. Yeah I said it. Now thats when things go down hill for me.


2. His reaction

Ashleys POV

I cant believe Liam is wanting to be with me still after 5 months. Im fat as could be which isnt very attractive. "i love you ash" he said with confidence. "i love you too Liam, you know you could always change your mind if you want", i said with sorrow and my voice shaky. He looked at me like i was crazy. "now why in the world would you say that, your the most prettiest girl i know. Were goin to have a baby and you think i want to change my mind?" I just looked at him when there was a knock at the door. It was Niall..... "Hey um its time to go were going to be late." He almost whispered. He was taking me to the hospital with the rest of the group. When they told us the fetis I started to cry, not bad tears actually i cried in excitement. When I looked at Niall he was crying as well. The other guys were jumping up and down screaming. It was funny to watch.

~couple weeks later~

Liams POV

"Wheres Louis!" I nearly cried. As i ran through the house i found him in the kitchen with the boys. "Louis we have to go NOW!" Louis looked at me with the face like 'o' "is it time mate?" I shook my head in aggreement. He hurried and grabed the keys and i rushed to get Ashle. I was on her right side and Niall was on her left. As we slowly wntered the car she was crying. Niall looked at her and he was trying to hide the tears. As we pulled up to the hospital, doctors and nurses rushed Ashley up into the delievery room. I was standing by her side so was Niall. I was upset that he was there i mean really he was going to leave her all alone. I was the one there for her not him. Moments later they took the baby to clean him up. Ya i said it Ashley had a baby boy. I knew right then and there he was going to look like Niall, he already had a bit of dark hair like Nialls original hair color.
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