One less lonely girl (Niall)

I've lost everything that I loved. My famly even my friends. I gor kicked out of my moms house and my dad would take me because.... Well im pregnant with Niall Horan's child. Yeah I said it. Now thats when things go down hill for me.


3. Baby time

Ashleys POV

I was so exhausted. I just had a baby boy. Liam kissed me on the lips and i could feel that Niall was staring but not for long. I knew he regretted everything. His name was James. Yeah me and Liam took a long time to think and we decided to let Niall pick his name but obviously James was goin to have Liams last name. I could tell Niall was pissed about that. "Wheres Liam?" Niall asked looking around the room as he said it. "Um he went to go see the baby with the rest of the boys." He gave me a smirk and sat at the end of the bed. "Im really sorry Ash, I really am but i dont want you to be with Liam. Its weird seeing you too together with the baby I made!" Tears started falling from his eyes. "This wouldnt have happened. Its none of your business if i am with him or bot i gave you the oppertunity to be with me but you blocked me out!" I cried violently. "Ashley, please im not the same guy you first met a couple months ago!" He came up to me and hugged me. I didnt try to push him away i let him hug me. "hey am i disturbing something?" Liam walked in with James in his arms. "No, come in." I said wiping the tears away from my cheeks and then i watching Niall leave the room. Liam came by me and handed me the baby. "You alright babe?" He asked as I kissed James cheek. "Yeah Im fine..." I said I always hated lying to him. "Ashley I need to ask you something." I looked at him as he pulled somethjng out of his pocket. "I asked the guys about this and they said it would be a great idea." He smiled as he got on one knee. "Ashley Greene, will you... Marry me?"
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