One less lonely girl (Niall)

I've lost everything that I loved. My famly even my friends. I gor kicked out of my moms house and my dad would take me because.... Well im pregnant with Niall Horan's child. Yeah I said it. Now thats when things go down hill for me.


1. The second time we meet

Nialls POV
I woke up to a loud thump. Who the hell was this girl in my room, on my floor with a blanket wrapped around her. "Need some help their lad," I broke the slience. She nodded her head no and got up quickly after that and headed for the bathroom. She came out with her clothes from last night and her hair in a messy pony tale. "You alright love?" I asked. She responded a minute later "Yeah im fine have you seen my shoes?" I motioned my head toward the door. She was beautiful but I new I couldn't keep her so she left like all the other one night stands I have.

~2 months later~

Zayn's P.O.V.

*knock Knock*
I open the door to a young girl I say around 19 at the door. "Hi can I help you?" I asked politely. "Yeah actually can you tell me if Niall is here I need to speak to him," I could tell she had been crying.
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