Harry Styles, the famous boy.

She meets a guy, she goes home, she finds out who he is, she searches for him. who is this mystery guy??


1. The boy I met.

I met a boy today. His name is Harry. I got his number, his twitter and his facebook. Here's the thing I just found out.
He's Harry Styles.
And he's famous.
So here's the short but hopefully interesting story about what I did.

I scrolled through my twitter, staring disbelievingly at the screen in front of me. How did I not realize he was famous! Why didnt he tell me! Agh. I checked my watch and saw it was early, early enough for him to still be at the pub. I stood up quickly and grabbed my bag and keys, dashing out to the car. I slipped into the drivers seat and started the car quickly. I had to get there in record time or I had a feeling I would miss him.

* at the pub*

I forgot the reason I left the pub. Smoke and loud music, intoxicating smells of alcohol and stupid people trying to touch you. I flitted my eyes around the room in search for him. Finally I saw him, standing with that blonde Irish guy, Niall or something like that. Harry. I made my way through the crowd, pushing drunk hands off my body until I was standing directly in front of harry. He looked up and instantly a huge smile lit up his face. I rolled my eyes and grabbed his hand, pulling him to a secluded area. He gave me a confused look, his smile fading at my serious expression.
"Whats wrong?" he asked in his deep voice. I crossed my arms and glared at him.
 "Oh come on, dont tell me you dont know! How could someone FAMOUS not know what a girl that was lied to is thinking!" I demanded, my words coming out fast and angry sounding, making no sense to my own ears. But they made a point to his.
"Oh god. Look I'm sorry I didn't  tell you, I just.." I raised my eyebrows at his hesitation.
 "Spit it out."
He let a soft sigh fall from his lips, staring at the floor.
"I know I only met you earlier today, but I have feelings for you! and every other time I've told a girl that I like about me being famous, she runs away scared." he said quickly and quietly.
I felt butterflies in my stomach as I watched his dark, curly haired head, twist up slightly to look at my face, seeing my reaction. i tried to keep a straight face but It didnt happen. Instead I felt a strange urge to kiss him. And kiss him, I did.

- So yeah, that's what happened, I kissed him and bladiddah da da da, we went out, he was the best thing that ever happened to me. Until I died.

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