Caught My Eye (A Harry Styles Fanfiction)

I have caught Harrys eyes and he has caught my eyes. Will he talk to me or just think im just another pretty fan?


10. The Wedding

 I already have my wedding dress picked out. "Harry no peeking while im getting dressed." I laughed. "Ok im going to the church I love you beautiful." I put on my long sparkley white dress, and put on my makeup. " Im ready to go." I said to Perrie. I walk out of my room. "WOW, You look beautiful." Perrie says. "Thanks,ready to go?" I ask. "yep." Perrie says. "And also you look very pretty too perrie." I say to Perrie. We arrive in a limo. I get out and see my dad. "Are you ready,and you look beautiful ." He says. "Yes,and thank you." I say.  W go in and my dad walks me down the path. I see Harry smiling. I get up there with him,and hold his hand. My best friend Taylor is the preacher. I laughed. SKIP WORDS     "Harry Edward Styles will you take my best friend and be her husband?" Taylor asks. "I do." I say." Now Harry do you take Rose Haron Jones to be your wife?" Taylor asks. " I do." He says. "You may now kiss the bride." Taylor says. He moves my hair and gives me a passionate kiss. "I love you!" Harry says. "I love you too!" We walk out and Live Happily Ever After.

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