Caught My Eye (A Harry Styles Fanfiction)

I have caught Harrys eyes and he has caught my eyes. Will he talk to me or just think im just another pretty fan?


9. The Ring

 ROSES POV              I wake up and see Harrys isn't in bed,I spent the night with him since I got hurt. I go down stairs and see Harry cooking breakfast. I laughed "Harry you didnt have to cook for me." "But I wanted to." He said. "Rose can I ask you a question?" "Yeah sure anything." " Would you like to move in with me, cos we both make good money and we could both pay the bills?" "Sure I would love to."  SKIP BREAKFAST        Somebody rings the door bell i go and answer it,its Louis. "What are you doing here?" I ask.  "Is Harry here?" He asks. "Yeah, Hold on." I say. "Harry." I scream. "Louis is here." "Ok im coming." He says. He grabs his keys and kisses me on the lips and says. " I'll be back later."  "Okay bye, have fun." I say. They leave im sooo bored I think to myself. I fall asleep on the couch.        HARRYS POV        I walk in and see her asleep on the couch. "Well Louis thanks for helping me find the perfect ring." I say. "Your welcome mate,bye." Louis says.  He leaves and i whisper in Roses ear "Hey wake up sweetie." I see her open her eyes. "Hello beautiful." I say. We kiss. "Hey im going to make dinner." I walk in the kitchen and make pasta and light some candles. This was the perfect time to ask her. " Ok come on in here." I say.                              ROSES POV         I walk in the kitchen and see a beautiful pasta dinner. I say. "WOW this is soo sweet thank you." I say . "Your welcome sweetie, i'll do anything for you i'll will be with you through everything." Harry says. He gets down on one knee and says. "Rose will you make me the happiest man in the world and be my wife?"  He opens the box and theres a beautiful red dimond.  "Yes, a million times yes." I say with excitment. He slips the ring on my finger,and everybody come rushing in congradulating us. The hole intire band and there girlfriends come in. They hug all of us. Me and harry kiss. " I love you." Harry says. " I love you too." I say.

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