Caught My Eye (A Harry Styles Fanfiction)

I have caught Harrys eyes and he has caught my eyes. Will he talk to me or just think im just another pretty fan?


8. The Hospital

 "Rose,Rose ,are you ok?" "Please wake up, Rose ,please Rose please wake up." He says. I started crying "Rose please wake up." I whinned. I unbuckle her seat belt and pick her up. I sit down on the grass,and put her in my lap. I kiss her on her forhead.I grab my phone and  call the cops " Hello, whats your emergancy?" The women asked. "We got in a reck on Highway 21,close to 34 Lola dr.,and my girlfriend got knocked out,please hurry." I said very scared. The cops get here and put Rose in the ambulance, I ride in the back with her,and hold her hand. I put my head in her shoulder. We get to the hospital. They rush in and a person stops me at the door. "Hello,would you like to buy a newspaper?" The guy asked. "No,me and my girlfriend got in a reck i have to go with her." I snapped. They already went in a went to the front desk and said "Hello me and my girlfriend got in a reck her name is Rose Haron Jones, what is the number for the room?" I asked. "Ummmmm let me see, room 207 floor 13." She said. I go to the elivator and press the 13 floor. I get out of the elivator and go to room 207. I knock on the door. "Come in." A doctor says. I walk in and ask "Will she be ok?" "Ummm i have bad news she isnt doing very good we dont know if she will make it." The doctor says I sit down and watch the heart moniter. One hour later it starts going beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. "What does that mean doctor?" "Shes dead." He calls for more doctors and says. " We need help hurry the girl is dieing!" They come in and rub the things together and say "CLEAR." And buzz her chest one more time " CLEAR."  "I am so sorry she didnt make it,I'll leave you and her alone." They all walk out. I start crying. " WHY ME AT THIS TIME!" He yells.  An hour later I look up and see her eyes blinck. " Rose are you ok?" I ask.        ROSES POV               "I wake up and see harry siting there. "I think." I mumble. "What happend." I asked.      "We were in a car reck." Harry says. "Oh,are you alright?"I ask HArry. "Yes im fine, but im worried about you." He says. "Well im ok i think." I mumble.                  HARRYS POV                    I was so glad when Rose woke up, I cryed tears of joy. I yell out of the door "Shes awake."   Doctors come in and say " WOW Thats a miricle!"  "She will stay her two more hours just to make sure shes ok and then she can go home." The doctors say. "Alright." I say with excitment. Two hours pass. "Ok she is ready to go." The doctors say. I puch Rose out to the car, I see Ashley coming up. "Is she okay." Ashley askes. "Yes,shes fine." I replied." Can I come to your house?" Ashley asked. We get home and we all go in I pick Rose up and sit her on the couch. An hour passes and Ashley says."Well im going to go, Harry call me later and tell me how she is." "Ok I will." I say. I kiss Rose on her lips and say."Im so glad your ok." She smiles and says. " Me too." 

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