Caught My Eye (A Harry Styles Fanfiction)

I have caught Harrys eyes and he has caught my eyes. Will he talk to me or just think im just another pretty fan?


4. Seat 5 and 6

 We go in and sit down right infront of the stage. It gets really dark and then all of a sudden the lights come on and we see them, One direction. It is so loud in there with all the screaming and crying, but out screaming and crying didnt help either lol.  Me and Ashley both start screaming ,I screamed " I love you harry." Harry is my favorite. Ashley screams " I love you Niall." Ashleys favorite is Niall. They say " Ok,now we are going to sing a song yall all know, do yall know what it is?' Niall asked. Every body screams Heart Attache.                 SKIP SINGING

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