Caught My Eye (A Harry Styles Fanfiction)

I have caught Harrys eyes and he has caught my eyes. Will he talk to me or just think im just another pretty fan?


7. First Week of Dating

 Harry texts me saying " Rose come over quick its an emergancy." I text back say "Ok, be there quick as i can." Ashley        calls me " Hey Rose geuss what?" AShley says. "What Ahshley, my boy friend called me saying i have to come over its an emergancy."  I tell her.  "Well this will only take a minute, but anyways Niall asked me out." She said. We both scream at this same time. " Omg Ashley thats amazing." I say. " I told you that Harry asked me to come over to his house, and he asked me out, and you didnt even say anything to me." " He did? OMG Rose thats amazing also,im so sorry that I didnt say anything to you, I was to in to looking at Niall."  "Oh ok,well got to go im at Harrys house,bye." I get out and go to the door and its open. I go in and yell "Harry, you here babe?"   Nobody answerd me. I walk in the kitchen,and the feel two strong arms pick me up. I giggle. "Harry, I thought there was an emergancy." I said. " Yes, there was I missed you,thats an emergancy right?" He asked. " I geuss." I replied. I turn around and we both smile at each other I,I poke his dimples. We both laugh. " Can we go shopping?" I ask. "yeah sure, let me grab my wallet and my keys." We walk out of the door and i get in his car and he starts it and we drive off.  Me and his favorite song comes on well second favorite my favorite is all the One Direction songs. But anyways we start singing Scream & Shout  by A car starts coming over in our lane, and hits us off the road we start flipping. I get knocked out, but Harry doesnt.                Harrys POV                 I turn over and see Rose kncoked out.

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