Caught My Eye (A Harry Styles Fanfiction)

I have caught Harrys eyes and he has caught my eyes. Will he talk to me or just think im just another pretty fan?


2. About to Leave

Me and Ashley go to my closet, and we look for our clothes. " Ohhhh im going to put on my red thigh high sparkley dress." I said. " What are you going to put on Ashley?" I asked. "ummmmmm, can i put on your pink knee high  dress?" She asks "Yeah,sure you can," I said. We go in the bathroom and start to put on our makeup. I put on my red lipstick, baby pink eye shadow, plum red blush, but not to much,and mascara. Ashley does the same but pink lipstick. We start doing our hair. "Ashley should i put my hair up or down,and strait or curly?" I asked. " Well....... down and cury but strait bangs." She said.       "Okay," I replied.                                 Harry and The Boys..................      " Hey Harry do you think you will find a girl you really like when the girls that have back stage passes come back?" Louis asked. " Well Louis how do i know, the girls may not even be cute that comes back here." Harry said.  All the boys laughed. " Give me a carrot." Louis yelled. " Whats the magic word?" Zayn asked. " Get me a carrot?" Louis smirked. " Just say please," Harry said. " Fine, Please get me a carrot." Louis asked.                            Back at Roses House ............................ I grab my keys and yell at Ashley to come on. "Okay." She said. We get out the front door and lock the house, and get in the car. We get in the car and a One Direction song comes on. Me and Ashley start singing. Do you remember summer o'9 wanna go back there every night just cant lie was the best time of my life lieing on the beach as the sun blew out playing this guitar by the fire to loud oh my my they could never shut us down i used to think that i was better alone why did i ever want to let you gooo under the moonlight as we stared at the sea the words you whisperd i will always bealive i want you to rock me rock me rock me yea i want you to rock me rock me rock me yea i want you to hit the petel heavy metel show me you care i want you to rock me rock me rock me yea we were together summer o'9  wanna go back like pressing rewind you were mine and we never sed good beeeye ieyi we stoped sing when my phone rang it was my mom "Hello," I said. "Hey you be careful going down there to Florida." said mom. " Ok mom, I love you, bye." I said. "Bye." Mom said. Me and Ashley arrived at the concert.

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