Charlotte is Shay's cousin from Yorkshire, England. They have never met yet alone spoken when Charlotte is sent to live with Shay in Australia, and after tragedy strikes the cousins become closer than either of them had ever thought, to each other and to unexpected strangers.


1. Prologue

Suddenly, nothing happened. But it happened suddenly. I tossed and turned inside my bed, which was normally warm and soft but tonight it felt cold and hard, much like a bed inside a prison. Soft snores from the other side of my room reminded me I was in some sort of prison- a homely one where girl’s crazy cousins from the other side of the world move in.
My cousin Charlotte had been sent here from Yorkshire after she had a breakdown or something. She hadn’t said anything to me- or anyone that I know of- in the two whole days she’d been living with me, not even if she’d like one or two sugars in her tea at breakfast. “Charlotte?” I whispered into the dark, checking if she was awake before I slipped out of bed and tiptoed to the lounge room, switching the TV onto the music channel. There was an interview on with One Direction, I smiled to myself and made myself comfortable as the interviewer went through the usual boring and cliché questions. “They must get so sick of that, don’t you think?” A light, girly British accent belonging to no other than my cousin floated from behind me. I nearly leapt of the couch and out of the window at the sudden, unexpected noise. I hadn’t heard her enter the room thanks to the plush carpeted floor covering the bedrooms, hallway and lounge. “I’d think so,” I managed to choke out, still recovering from the shock of my cousin actually speaking to me. “They’re everywhere back home, you know,” Charlotte said, speaking for a record second time as she took her seat on the armchair next to the couch."You don't like them?" I asked, puzzled as to why she'd brought them up.

"No," She replied."I'd have never gotten through.." She stopped suddenly and clamped her hand over her mouth like she wasn't meant to say something or she was about to throw up. "Never gotten through what?" I asked curiously as my boring, silent cousin started to become interesting. "Um, A Levels. They were so hard I studied nearly all night every night for a week" She replied quickly although I could tell she wasn't telling the truth. "Charlotte, you can tell me... I promise to never tell anyone..." I lowered my voice and hoped I sounded as sincere as I felt. "I-I can't. Not yet. I'm tired, goodnight." She stuttered before retreating back to our room.


**A/N sorry its so short, I handwrote this first and it was about two pages, don't know what happened there so I'll try to make it longer next time, which might mean it will be a couple of days. Thanks for reading don't forget to comment!**

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