Love Never Fades

A trouble but cheerful girl name Alice has never seen a lot of things last for her. Only her best friend Mandy, her co-workers and jobs is all she has left, that she holds so dear. Most people don't realize the lost she had to go thru with her parents. Her mom past away when she 3 and her father pass away on her 22nd birthday! She couldn't help but feel hurt for her loss and everyone else teasing her in the process. Until one day she got the lucky chance on meeting Niall Horan from One Direction. She gets to realize that love never fades...


11. What happen?


Alice's P.O.V

All I could do was stand there and looks at the note, it felt like hours before I realize it was only minutes. I walk back to my phone to call the phone. I told them everything on what I know. Spencer, my other cousin, also known as a cop and the older brother of Ava. He always been a cool cousin to me, but tonight wasn't the night for me to think that. "When was the last time you talk to Ava?" He asks me. "I already answer this question and the millionth time I told you this morning!! Before she went to school." I said annoyed. "What was she wearing?" He asks another question. "Her school uniform, black polo shirt with the school logo on it, light blue jeans, black converse, and her hair was down today." I said, still annoyed at him. I want them to go looking for her, not here, not now! "What happen when you came home?" He asks. "I came home normally; the house felt just strange to me, that Ava wasn't home. Then I hear CJ and princess barking like crazy, I went to let them in when I realize I never let them out. They always stay inside until Ava or me come home. I start calling Ava, soon to realize to hear the ringtone she selected for me, and I began to run to it. I found it in my room on my bed with this note!" I said. *sigh* "Alice, calm down. All I'm doing..." Spencer began until I cut him off. "I know, I know. Your job. I'm just annoyed that nothing feels like being done to find her!" I said almost yelling. "Ughh when can I get my house back? I would like to be alone for a while!" I said. "Soon as possible, when they are done checking everything here." He said calmly. He gave me that look I know so every well, that look like he going to say everything going to be ok. "Don't feed me that line, that everything going to be ok!" I said giving him a glare. "I wasn't, I was going to say why you don’t stay at Mandy house for a while. To let everything settled down." He asks gentle. "Ok..I'll give her a call." I said.

*30 minutes later*

I finally got to Mandy house in a daze. All I could do was sit there in my car. Thinking that the only thing on my mind was Ava and that note. It can be happening, not again. That criminal is out again! How? After this whole time, thinking it would be safe. I just can't..I got out the car and gather my things to go inside. I knock on the door and I was welcome with my niece full excitement to see me. "Ahh there my shining star!" I said happily. Yes, she isn't actually family but I took the role as the aunt because me and Mandy are like sisters, All Mandy can do is look at me with concern, I know she wants to know what's going on. "Look at the time, it must be somebody bed time!" I said calmly. "Can I watch a movie?" Wendy ask. "Sure, why not!" I said looking down at her. "Come, come we should hurry before I bet you first!" I said laughing. We race to the shelf full of movies. She finally picks one out and I put her to bed. 

Mandy's P.O.V

She went to go put Wendy to sleep while I clean the dishes. She always so kind, so helpful. Why do bad things have to continue for her?  I hear her come in and she sat down at the table with her head in her hands. "Here, have some dinner." I told her and slide a plate to her. I sat next to her and watch her eat. "I know you want to know what happen." She told me. She seems to know me well. "What happen?" Is all I could ask? She whispers, "He back!" Is all she could say and got up to put her plate in the sick. Then she went to the guest bedroom and closes the door. All I can remember how devastated she was when she lose her dad to him. He supposedly gave a great speech, on wanting to kill off her family for putting his brother on the death penalty. He shot her in the thigh, and then shot her dad close to the heart. All I could do is remember her sitting next to her dad bed, on her birthday. She watches him take his last breath. All I wanted to do is cry, I don't want to lose her to again.

Liam's P.O.V

We got another concert tomorrow and I'm on livestream, thanking my fans and goodnight. I'm surprise how amazing things are going for us. I walk into the living room, turn the tv on and sat down to watch. I flip to each channel and nothing seems interesting on. Until a picture of Alice was on the tv screen. What's going on! I turn the volume up and shout out Niall to come here! "Niallllll come here!!" I shouted. "Whatttt? You know I'm hungry!" He shout it back while walking in! He drop his food...for the first time and came closer to the tv. "Breaking news, there a missing girl connect to an old case! Where Dan Jones was kill by a serial killer. Please be looking out for this girl, try to safe her!" The new caster said while showing a picture of Ava. Then switch back to the news caster. "Tom, what's going on on your end?" The news caster asks. "I'm trying to speak to Mrs. Jones." He said quickly and trying to get to Alice. "Mrs. Jones, what happen to your cousin? Do you think it's the same criminal that kill your dad?" He kept on and on with questions at her. "Please leave property now; you have no right to be here!" The officer stated to the news anchor. He look offend, but Niall eyes was glued on Alice the whole time. "Niall...give your eyes a rest!" I said wonderingly. I flip the tv off, then I turn around to see the rest of the lads were here and in shock. Harry the one who shock worn off and went to Niall. "Why don't you call Alice, to see how she doing?" Harry said hopeful. "She is going to need someone right now." He continue to say. He always so gentle and thoughtful of others. "Where my phone? I..I just talk to her about 30 minutes or so ago! This can't be happening to my princess!" He said quickly. He ran to his phone to call Alice. I hope everything alright!

Alice's P.O.V 

All I could do was sit there on my bed in the dark. I don't know what to feel or how to feel. All I want is Ava to back. I felt like I been sitting here forever. I was hearing my phone go off, truly, deeply, madly. My favorite song. I put it as Niall ringtone. Niall...wait him calling me. "Hey" I said. "Hi, how are you?" He asks worryingly. "I'm trying to survive." I reply. "I saw the news! What is really going on?" He asks. I can tell his cares. "I know his listening." I whisper. I can tell he listening. I know he watching, to see if anything going on on the outside world. To get to me, of all people. "What? What's going on love!" He kept asking. All I did was hung on him and started crying. This is what he wants, to see me weak. I can't be weak, I need to be..strong for Ava. I went into the guest bathroom and wash up. I grab my stuff, wrote a note to Mandy and I was off on the road.

Niall's P.O.V

All I could think was about Alice. What..what are they talking about her dad. I..I remember she said her dad dead, but never told me. He was killed! I can't believe it, that she wouldn't tell me! I need to call her! "Niall...give your eyes a rest!" Liam said wonderingly. He suddenly flip the TV off, he seem to worry, i can tell in his voice. "Why don't you call Alice, to see how she doing?" Harry said hopeful. When did he get by me. I can think straight! "She is going to need someone right now." He continues to say. "Where my phone? I..I just talk to her about 30 minutes or so ago! This can't be happening to my princess!" I said quickly and ran out the room. "No this can't be happening!" I said aloud. I kept calling her for almost an hour, with no answer. I call for one more time, to see if I can get her. "Hey" she said. She sound so lost! "Hi, how are you?" I ask worryingly. " "I'm trying to survive." She reply dryly. "I saw the news! What is really going on?" I ask. I what to know what's going on, I don't want her to be in pain. "I know his listening." She whispers. Huh, what she talking about! "What? What's going on love!" He kept asking. Then I hear her click! "Alice.." Is all I said aloud? I try to call her, but I end up founding she turn her phone is off. I pace back and forth, worry about her. I fall on my bed and lay there. What's going on? How..I want to know how she doing! 

*hours later*

I begin waking up to smelling food. It smell so good. I walk out my room, not caring how I look and I walk into the kitchen to see that Alice is the one making the food. " way! Your here!" I said happily and ran to her to give her a hug. All I could do was squeeze her tighter, she here, she in one piece. "Heyy haha don't let me burn the bacon!" She squealed. "How are you here, in Louisville, KY?" I ask. I look at her from head to toe, she isn't hurt. Not physically that is. "I drove here over night!" She said smilingly. "But.." I started. "No buts mister! Here breakfast is done!" She handed me a plate. I stood there shock, until I hear someone came in. "OMG! Alice your here!! GUYS!! ALICE IS HERE!! ALSO FOOD!!" Liam shouts it all. 

Alice's P.O.V

I'm beginning to feel calm, but really tired. I haven't slept since yesterday, wow it's been almost more than 24 hours I been up! I shock my head, now I understand why my dad complains a lot about sleepless nights. Niall was looking at me while be ate. "Are you ok?" Niall ask with his mouth full. I laughed. "I'll be ok, just tired." I reply. " did you get in here?" Niall ask. "Paul let me in while he was going out. Oh, yea..he said he will be back soon. For the concert that is." I said with a smirk. "Oh" is all he could say. "What happen last night?" He ask in a rush. Liam gave him a glare. "You don't have to tell us, not yet that is." Liam said gentle to me. "I'm just worry, that's all. It's just..just hard to see you hurt!" Niall said before I could say anything. "It's ok" I laugh. They all gave me weird looks. "Heyy don't give that look!" I said smilingly. "It's just..things been crazy, I guess you guys can tell." I sigh. Niall stood up and grab my hand, he lead me to the living room. He pick me up bride style and sat down on the couch. "I'm ready to listen when you ready." He said calmly with his hand on my cheek. The rest of the boys came in and sat down. Liam sat next to us, he look concern. "We are all here for you!" He said brotherly like. How do I put this. "Mhmm..well about 2 days before my birthday, my dad was picking me up from school. So he can take me shopping for clothes as a gift. I went to met him at the police academy, he was talking to one of the Professor. I said hi and told him I'm ready. While walking away..some guy came up holding a gun in my face.." I pause, breathe and continue, "he glare at my dad and gave a speech, to summary it up, it was upset at my dad for arresting his brother, now his brother was on the death penalty. So he wanted to end my life and my dad.." I started to put my face in my hands and I felt Niall rubbing my back in circles. It helps me to calm down. "Then he shot me, then my dad. Everything broke out in chaos. He got put in jail and put on trial. The whole time I sat beside my dad, I..I didn't want to leave him. When my birthday came, my dad was still laying in the hospital. dad began telling me 'He proud on how my life become. He knows my mom is also proud and looking after me, soon I will too.' I told him don't talk like that, everything will be alright and his last words were I love you! Be..before he pass away." I said and I couldn't stop crying. I cry and cry until it felt like there no more tears. I open my eyes and saw the boys shed a few tears too. "Now..he back and he got my cousin Ava!" I said sadly.

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