Love Never Fades

A trouble but cheerful girl name Alice has never seen a lot of things last for her. Only her best friend Mandy, her co-workers and jobs is all she has left, that she holds so dear. Most people don't realize the lost she had to go thru with her parents. Her mom past away when she 3 and her father pass away on her 22nd birthday! She couldn't help but feel hurt for her loss and everyone else teasing her in the process. Until one day she got the lucky chance on meeting Niall Horan from One Direction. She gets to realize that love never fades...


12. The evil grin

Niall's P.O.V

When she told Alice told what happen to her dad..all I could do was cry and hold her tight in my arms. I look around and the boys were crying too. She put her head on my shoulder. "You probably haven't slept since yesterday, so please..try to relax. We are here for you!" I said. Trying my best to be calm for her. I rub her back in circles again to put her at ease and help her sleep. She finally was sleeping. "Go lay her down in your room." Liam said calmly. I can tell he trying to stop crying and that his face was a bit red. "I don't want to leave." I said worryingly. "You don't have too." He replies. "We are always here if anything happens." Harry spoken up. I stood up with her still in my arms and walking down the hall, where my room is at. I lay her down and put a blanket over her. I lay down beside her, still holding her. I don't want that killer get near her; I just don't want anything to happen. I slowly close my eyes, I didn't sleep much last night. All I could think about was about Alice and now she here, laying beside me.

*3 hours later*

I finally woke up from my nap. I look down and found her arms wrapping around me. It feels nice, that something so simple but great to have at the same time. I slowly got up while trying not to wake her up and went to make something to eat. When I walk in the living room with my food, I found the boys sitting around the tv. Liam notice I walk thru the door. "How is Alice?" Li ask. "She stills a sleep." I said relief. I just hope everything going to be ok.

Alice's P.O.V

I was at the park enjoys myself on the swings while watching the sun set. It's a gorgeous day. "I know where you are, Miss Alice." Someone whisper. That’s odd? I turn around to listen where it's coming from. "You can run, but you can't hide. Hahaha" the same person whisper. That..that laugh was creepy, but where did I hear it before. "You better hurry; she isn't going to live long." He whispers in my ear. I got up and turn around in a heartbeat...It was him! "No, no you’re not!" I said, trying to be serious and calm. "Ha, I see it in your eyes. The fear.." He smirk, "I live to see, to feel, to hear it with my victims." He said while chuckling. "Give Ava back!" I scream! He step forward and I'm stumbling backwards, suddenly he stab me in the stomach. "Not until I see you fall down, my dear." He laugh his evil laugh. Everything went black, I began to start falling and screaming for help..but no one heard me. Suddenly I woke up; crying like a river was being made with my tears. I sigh, thank god that was just a stuck with me though. That my cousin isn't back and nothing is fine at all. I look over at my phone, geez! I got over million miss calls and text from Mandy and Spencer. I know I know, I'm going overboard with it being millions! I got up to go to the bathroom to wash up. I began washing my face and whip my face. All I could look at the mirror was me. All the flaws, the bad things that are happening within my life, I just..feel bad, hopeless even. I push myself away from the mirror and walk back to the room to call Mandy and spencer back. "Hey Mandy. Before you talk, I'm fine!" I said in a hurry. I know she wants to flip out about me leaving like that. "Where are you? You know you shouldn't be running off like this when that killer is on the loose!" She said with her motherly worry tone of hers. "I know I know, but I had to seem him. I couldn't explain everything I would like to say." I said back with my shoulder slumming down. "Don't's just I'm worry about you, that's all." She said kindly back. "I know, you’re just being overprotective. I don't blame you, I would do the same." I said in return. "When are you coming home?" She asks wondering. "I don't know yet, but you will know eventually though." I said calmly. "Ok, I hope I see you soon!" She said. "Xoxo my dear!" I said to her! "Xoxo my dear!" She said in return and hung up. I love my sis, we have that bond that no one else understands, truly I don't care what people think anymore. Now time to call spencer. "Where are you???" I hear the stain in his voice. "Take a chill pill spencer! I'm fine; I just need to take a break from it all! It's just.."I couldn't finish it. "Too much chaos here. I get it. Please be back home soon! I want you safe here under my watch." He said with so much strength. "Sure, you'll know eventually." I said and hung up. He always get annoy when I do that. It made me laugh at the memories when I did. I left the room, down to the kitchen to grab a bite and see what the boys are up too. When I was about to enter the kitchen, I ran into Zayn. "Oh, I'm sorry!" I said. "Ha it's ok." He said smiling. "Don't worry about getting something to eat, Niall and the boys went out to get some brunch." He replies. "Why didn't you go with them then?" I ask wonderingly. "Well we wanted someone to stay, to see how you’re doing." He said nicely. "Oh" is all I could say. "Plus, I wanted to talk to you!" He said nervously. "Really?" I said with a smirk. We walk into the living to sit comfortable while waiting for the food. He just keeps looking away from me. "What do you wanted to talk about with me?" I ask nosily. "Has..has she brought me up?" He asks. Aww he thinking of Mandy! "Haha you mean Mandy, and yes, she has." I said smiling. "I wanted to know...if she.." He couldn't seem to finish the sentence. "If she likes you? Well, yes. She does, butttt don't hurt her that is the last thing I want to hear!" I said seriously, it kind of scared him a bit until I started laughing. "I kid I kid! But..please don't hurt her feelings!" I said. "I wouldn't, I promise!" He said cheerfully. I smile, at least something good is happening. It makes me feeling better about that. "You better get to calling, anything to win her heart mister!" I said laughing. He laughs along and went straight to his planning. That boy, he looks like a bad boy but he really a sweet person. I turn on the Telly and watch the America funniest videos. 

Niall's P.O.V

Umm..what should I get her to eat! Everyone else order but me! Ahh.."I like to get 2 mcchickens, 2 medium French fries, 1 coke, 1 milkshake, and the 10 piece nuggets please." I ask the cashier nicely. "Sure, that would be $25.50." I had her money and we all wanted for our food while taking pictures and signing a few things. Our food was ready and we left to get back to the house. We came back to the house as quick as we can; I wanted to be sure how Alice is doing. Zayn text me that she was up and fine. "Alice!! I'm back!" I yell. "Heyy we are back too!" Louis said. Alice came walking in happily. I point at her and suggest to come over, she did and I gave her a big bear hug. She laugh, I love when she laughs. "Heyy where my food!" She said laughing. "Here my strawberry shortcake!" I said laughing too. She blushes and grab her food to sit down to eat it. "Thank you my banana muffin." She replies smiling. Everyone laugh, I began to blush and look down at my food. Alice begins to look nervous, and then something caught my eye. I saw her bag by the door. Alice notice where I was looking, she looks sad. "Well...I'm sorry this trip was so short...but it's time to go back home. I have things to patch up." She said nervously. I began to look sad, and then though I don't want her to be alone driving all the way back. "I don't want you to be alone!" I said seriously. "Don't worry; I have a place to stay when I get back and I'm meeting me cousin spencer when I get there. He is a cop." She said quickly. Wow, I'm beginning to see history building. "Please, let someone go with you?!" I said. She look at me quickly, "like I said, don't worry! I know how to handle myself!" She said seriously. The boys realize the tense was rising slowly and all began to leave the room. "Please, I don't want to argue. I'll be safe driving all the way there and even when I get there." She continue saying. "I just don't want anything bad happen to you!" I said getting up to clean up the table. She got up and follows me. "It really has happen already." She said in a whisper. I turn around to look down at her, she has the most sadness expression I ever seen. I brought her into a hug because I don't know what else to make her happy now. "I better start driving then; it's going to be a long drive getting there." She whispers. I look down at her once more, brought her chin up and kiss her lips. I began to cup her face, while she put her arms around me. I slowly wrap my arms around her waist to whole her tighter. Suddenly I hear someone cough, "ohh" I peak and realize it was Louis. He looks so innocent. "All I wanted is some carrots." He said. I and Alice both laugh. "Sure" Alice said while laughing, "Anyways I have to go home." She continues. "So soon!" Louis said, he look gave a puppy eye look while eating carrots. "Yup, I need to finish some business." She said full of sadness. "Don't worry my little carrot top, everything will be fine soon." He said cheerfully. "Come here missy, one hug for the road." He continues. She laughs and gave him a hug. She turn around to me, ran over and give a quick kiss on the lips. "Bye my banana pudding." She said quickly laughing and ran out the door quickly before I can something a smart remark in return. I shook my head laugh, she can be so adorable.

Alice's P.O.V

I ran out the door before Niall can make up another name for me. It's funny; it became a new thing for use. To use every nickname in the book with food. All I could do is laugh about it. It makes me smile and think how cute it is..but that kiss, like oh may...was the best thing ever. I even have butterflies in my stomach, those butterflies had butterflies! "Baby you light up my world like nobody else The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed But when you smile at the ground it isn’t hard to tell You don't know (oh oh) You don't know you're beautiful!" I sang along aloud. "Wait!!! Ahh..pick up pick up! Dam!" I said aloud. I just miss Mandy call. I do this almost every time! I called her back! "You were singing to my ringtone again, weren't you?" She asks laughing. "How would you know, can you read my mind or something!" I said shockingly but couldn't keep it and laughed."I don't blame you, I'll do the same!" She said laughing. "Anywho, what cha doing?" She asks. "Driving." I reply in return. "Oh really, how was your trip missy?" She asks. "Amazing! I'll give details later Miss thang." I said laughing. She laugh along with me, I enjoy talking to her. If people every listen to our conversation, they would think we are crazy and send us to a mental hospital. I laughed, "hey what's so funny." She ask. "I was thinking about our crazy conversations, how people would think we are weird if they listen." I said laughing, she laugh along. "We loka, neverrr." She said laughing. I laugh so back, she always trying to speak Spanish, but she fails at it. "GUESS WHAT!" She squealed randomly. "What?" I ask. I realize I never guess anymore, rarely no one else does anymore. "He Skype me! We talk for an hour. Also Wendy loves him!" She said happily. I can imagine she jumping almost out of her sit by now. I laughed at that. "Hey loka, I'll call you later dear. I need to get back on the road." I said to her. "Sure, call me later then."okie dokie, will do." I reply cheerfully. I click, and put in my one direction cd, up all night.

*few hours later*

I really need to stop by a motel and sleep. I feel like I never get sleep again, the rate I'm going I’ll be asleep behind the wheel. I look out my rear view mirror and I notice a black car with black tins. It's weird, I haven't notice it been there before...whatever. I started looking to the sides of the road for any motel I can stop to sleep.'s taking forever for me finding one, I'm so sleepy. I look up again at my rear view mirror. Ok, this same car was following me for a little bit awhile. Suddenly, the longer I pay more attention the driver started driving faster and it was finally next to me. Then, it suddenly got closer and closer to me to almost I was off the road. Then I almost lost control of my car and spinning in circle. I finally stop, and then look around like crazy and the car was gone. What the hell was that! Geez, that was very scary no one else was around to see that! I got back on the road to continue to find a motel, I just hope I wasn't seeing things and this was a dream. I finally got to a motel and went to check in. By the time I came out to go to my room, I saw the same car in the parking lot. Crap! I walk fast to my room and hope I didn't get any attention towards me. I finally got to my room and lock my door quickly. I know, I know I'm being freak out for nothing. I went to take a shower to relax myself. Finally I got comfortable, found something on TV to watch and slowly went to sleep. A few hours later, I woke up. Wow, I really need that. I didn't realize how sleepy I really was; when I turn around I felt something crumble underneath me. I look over and grab it, it was a piece of paper with something on it. I open it and froze. This can't be! You can run to your boyfriend, but you can't hide forever behind him and his boys my dear. I got up pretty fast to a point I trip over the covers I threw on the floor and I bump my head against the TV table. All I could do is getting up again, gather my things and ran to my car without a care in world. I try to get my car keys, then I drop them. My nerves are getting to me now when I hear someone clear there throat. I look over my shoulder and I notice someone standing a few feet away wear all black. "Hello Ms. Jones, leaving so soon?" Then the person came into view. It was the guy from the front desk. "Umm...yes, sir. Can I please check out?" I ask politely trying not to sound so nervous. "Yes, you can. But you got a message though." He said. I just stand there and continue to look at him. When he didn't get an answer he spoke again. "You can run, but you hide my dear." He said in a whisper. "Huh, whattt..did you say?" I ask nervously. "Can I have the room key back please?" The guy asks nicely. Oh..the room key. I don't feel like he said that. "Here, thank you again." I said nicely in return and finally got in the car. I drove away and look in my rear view mirror, the guy still stood there but with an evil grin. I quickly rub my eye, and then look again and he was gone.

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