Love Never Fades

A trouble but cheerful girl name Alice has never seen a lot of things last for her. Only her best friend Mandy, her co-workers and jobs is all she has left, that she holds so dear. Most people don't realize the lost she had to go thru with her parents. Her mom past away when she 3 and her father pass away on her 22nd birthday! She couldn't help but feel hurt for her loss and everyone else teasing her in the process. Until one day she got the lucky chance on meeting Niall Horan from One Direction. She gets to realize that love never fades...


9. The Date

Alice's P.O.V

All day I been thinking about is Niall. That lovely accent of his, those blue eyes that I can look into forever. I just so nervous, I wonder what I'm going to wear and where we are going on our first date. "Miss Alice!" Mandy said while waving her hand in front of me. "What were you saying again?" I ask. I have been doing that the whole time having lunch with her. "Are you still coming to Jasmine ballet show this Saturday?" She asks. Oh yea, I almost forgot my niece ballet show! "Yea, I am! What time & where?" I ask happily. "I'll text you the time & place later this week!" She said. I know she so proud of her daughter, she came so far! Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for her too! "Oh!! Don't forget I have something to tell you!" I said almost jumping in my seat! "Oh yea, that suppose surprise that I'm so dying to hear all morning!" She squealed. "Niall ask me out for a date tonight!" I said happily jumping in my seat. She was so excited and asks me for the details. Afterwards I ask her if it’s ok she can check up on Ava for me while I'm out.

Niall's P.O.V

I'm still in shock about Alice saying yes to me! She so flawless perfect. "Niallllller!" Harry screams out loud! "Yes, Harryyy!" I scream back walking where he was at. "Heyyy you looking good! Is this special occasion for me???" He ask laugh so happily. I laugh at him, he can be so funny. "Aawww sorry Hun, no this is all for Miss Alice." I said proudly. "Aww no date with me?" He said sheepishly. He had that happy look in his eyes. "Not tonight my dear!" I said laughing! He started laughing along with me. "Louuuu..Liammmm, Zayyyn, Niall got a date!" Harry yelled. You can Louis running down the hall and ran to hug me! "Yay! Yay!" He began screaming jumping up and down while hugging me. I couldn't help but laugh on how silly he can be. "Heyy don't wrinkle my shirt! I do want to impress Alice!" I said while laughing. Liam and Zayn came walking in suddenly. "Hey you’re having the happy dance without us!" Liam said while trying to be hurt. Zayn pad me on the back and said "Congrats, you finally got a girl! Hopefully the media doesn't take it out of control!" I hope not, I hope I don't have too much trouble like the rest of the lads. The media is... more like has ruin Zayn relationship with Perrie. I feel sorry on what happen, they had everything until that Courtney or whatever her name is ruin it. It makes me mad that someone can do that! 

*A few hours later*

Ava's P.O.V

"Ekk, I can't believe it! You got a date with Niall Horan from One Direction!" I said jumping up and down excited for her. I can't believe I'll meet him too! Aahhh I'm so jumpy and can't wait for the details later! "Ha, take a chill pill!" Alice said laughing. She added, "I don't know if it would go any further than this." "Why would you say that? Every guy would lovvee to you!" I told her happily. "Well, for starters he has to go back on tour tomorrow!" she sound sad while said that. "Well then, you have to wait and see how this date will go tonight then!" I said with pride. I'm truly happy for her; she does deserve to have a great time with a great guy! It's been rough lately for her. She lost Aunt Anne & Uncle Jim (her mom and dad, I mean.) I never met my aunt, they told me she pass away before I was even born & never told me how she die. Uncle Jim was really cool! He had this place in the woods that we always got the chance to go camping all the time! He also always has good dinners. How I miss him, it must be really hard on Alice though. I wish I wasn't so tough on her, I must feel like a big pain for her taking me in. *ding* me and Alice look at each other and I smile so big it made me feel happy for her. "I'll get it!" I scream excitedly. I hear her sigh and say "You better not embarrassed me!"  I ran to the door and open it to no other then Niall Horan. 

Niall's P.O.V

I'm getting closer to Alice place and wow, her neighborhood looks nice. It seems to suit her personality well! Lots of trees, flowers, nice homes... like how nice she looks. She reminds me a lot of a beautiful red rosé that blossom wonderfully year round. Finally turn into her driveway, I'm so nervous now! She have good taste in cars, wow..a Hyundai genesis coupe sport car! No, don't get distracted now; it's just my nerves kicking in! I rang the doorbell with my left and my right ready with red rosé. The door finally opens and a young teen was there. "Hello, is Alice Swan home?" I ask politely. "Yes, come right in! I'm Ava, Alice cousin." She said smiling while letting me in. "Ahh you’re the cousin she mention at the concert" I said smiling while she blush, "it's nice to meet you Ava, I'm Niall Horan." I reach out to shake her hand. "Can I have a picture taken with you?" She asks jumping up and down. I laugh, "Quick on taken action?" She blush some more. We took a quick picture, when suddenly Alice came walking in. She looks gorgeous in a nice black and pink dress. It looks like a black tan top and a pink skirt with black flats. I still think she look gorgeous in whatever she wears. I felt nervous, I never felt nervous before with a girl. "Hi, I brought you these roses. They remind me of you, beautiful." I said nervously. "Aawww, thank you! Let me put them in a vase." She said smiling. While she did that I look around and I saw a collage of pictures on the wall. I saw a few same pictures that were at here job. "Ah, my collage of doom." She said laughing. "Ha that's what your friend said about the one at your job." I said laughing along. "Yup, there no other way to call it." She said with a sigh. I look at the same picture that also at her job. "That's my mom, when she was a teen." She said with a smile, but it didn't reach to her eyes. All I can read was sadness, but they suddenly they were blank and I couldn't read them anymore. "Where is she now?" I ask, to see if she opens up. "She pass away when I was 3." She said. It broke me up to see the look on her face. "How?" Is all I can ask. "That story will be another time." She said with a look she wasn't ready to take about it.

Alice's P.O.V

I saw him look back at the pictures, it seems like he was pondering something. "Which one is your dad?" He asks. It seems like he want to change the subject from my mom. "Here, this picture was taken at my high school graduation." I said happily. My dad was so proud that day. One of the very few days I seem him cry. It wasn't often he did, in front of me that is. "When will I'll be able to get to meet him?" He asks. It made me sad to think my dad wouldn't be here to protective of me, over a guy, over anything. "Is everything alright?" He asks worrying, "Did I say something wrong?" He rambling asks. "No, you didn''s dad pass away a few months ago." I said. He looks surprise to sad. "You know I'm always here for you!" He said and brought me into a bear hug. All I can say is thank you and stay into the hug of his. His comfort, his warmth, his smell makes me feel all better. "Hey, we better go on that date of ours!" I said smiling. "Hey! You better treat her right!" Yelled Ava before we left. We laugh, she so goofy but I love her. 

*1 hour later*

We are on the board walk looking over at the beach while the sunsets eating dinner. He took me ice skating and all we could do was fall down. It was funny how it was one but it was the other that manage to land out butts all the time. We got the chance to hold hands all the way and got to know each other. At least what we can, all the fans of his wanted a picture or autograph. He is so sweet and caring to his fans. It's a great feeling to see this all in person. A few fans even ask who I was; Niall told them I am his girlfriend. They seem sad that they were his, but so happy for him too. Some of them even want a picture with me too. It's just so weird, but in a good way. "Wow, the sunset looks beautiful tonight." I said out loud. "Yes, it is. Just like you." He said kindly. He so sweet and all I could do is blush. "You’re beautiful too!" I blurted it out. I felt so embarrassed and I started to blush again. He also blushes and smiles. "Do you want to go walking out on the beach?" He asks. "Sure" I said. We started to take our shoes off and began to walk. "Hey, let's take a picture. For my collage of doom!" I said smiling. "Sure" he said laughing. We take several pictures; we couldn't help but laugh though out all of them. "You better send them all to me!" He said trying to be serious. "Ha, what are you going to do about it if I don't mister?!" I said laughing. "I'll tickle you to my heart’s desire missy!" He laughs and sticks his tongue out. That second I took a picture and shout, "That’s a keeper!" Then I place it as my wallpaper on my phone. He laugh, but suddenly he look sad. "What's the matter?" I ask with concern. "Aw, it's time to take you home. I don't want a lecture from a 17 year old about dating!" He joke about me cousin. All I could do was laugh, but it made me sad it was suddenly ending too.  Few minutes later I was finally home. He a gentlemen, he came around the car and open it for me, also walk me to the door. "Good night, sleep tight.." He began and I finish "Don't let the bed bugs bite." While smiling. He kisses my hand and bow down like a gentleman. Soon he was gone and all I could think lucky I am.

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