Love Never Fades

A trouble but cheerful girl name Alice has never seen a lot of things last for her. Only her best friend Mandy, her co-workers and jobs is all she has left, that she holds so dear. Most people don't realize the lost she had to go thru with her parents. Her mom past away when she 3 and her father pass away on her 22nd birthday! She couldn't help but feel hurt for her loss and everyone else teasing her in the process. Until one day she got the lucky chance on meeting Niall Horan from One Direction. She gets to realize that love never fades...


2. Running Late


Mandy’s P.O.V

Ughh no way we can’t not be late! I don’t want this day to be ruin, it can’t…it just can’t! We are almost there, but it’s just our luck. We got stuck at a gas station with a flat tire and my idiotic older sister Anglie had to take the tools we to fix it. “Ughh… I can’t believe it! No one is willingly to give a care in the world to help us!” I said aloud. “Ha Ha don’t worry, it hasn’t been that long. So chill Miss Sassy!” Alice said. How is it that she always so calm? I guess you can’t say the stereotype that all Irish people have bad tempers isn’t true then. She always so cheerful and has a lot to say. I wish I can have her calmness, her way of words, talent, the flowing complaints people give her…”Hellooo Mandy…are you here with me or on the moon, my dear?” Alice curiously asking. “Ha na just spacing out. Were you saying something?” I ask trying to catch up with her. “I was telling you I called my cousin Spencer to swing by to help…Also if you want anything from inside the gas station, I’m hungry!” she said. “Hahaha you’re always hungry and sure, get me a Dr. Pepper pleaseeee” I said giving my goofy smile.


Alice’s P.O.V

I want in side, looking around wondering what I should get. I never can decide half the time when I want everything. I’m surprise I’m not overweight the rate I eat, geez. I accidentally bump into a bag of chips and realize they fall. “Darn, why am I so clumsy?” I said out loud. While reaching down, some random person hand grab the bag at the same time I did. We came up fast and then bump heads. “ow” I said. The second I look up, I saw a gorgeous blonde hair, blue eyes boy, I smile.  “Sorry, my love. I was trying to help.” said the blonde blue eye boy. “No, don’t be sorry.” I said smile goofy like. “By the way, are you ok” I ask. “I should be asking that question with you?” he was asking while laughing. Wait…that hair.. those eyes.. that laugh.. it can’t be! “Wait! You’re Niall from One direction?” I ask excitingly.


Niall’s P.O.V

All I wanted to do was to say hi, but no… I had to bump her in the head instead. “ow” she said. I hope she ok, I didn’t mean to bump her in the head. “Sorry, my love. I was trying to help.” I said smiling. She seems so adoring with that puzzling face she giving, I wonder what she is thinking about? “Wait! You’re Niall from One Direction?” she asks happily. “Ha yes, I am!” I said. I hope she isn’t another screaming or crying fan. I usually don’t know what to do! 

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