Love Never Fades

A trouble but cheerful girl name Alice has never seen a lot of things last for her. Only her best friend Mandy, her co-workers and jobs is all she has left, that she holds so dear. Most people don't realize the lost she had to go thru with her parents. Her mom past away when she 3 and her father pass away on her 22nd birthday! She couldn't help but feel hurt for her loss and everyone else teasing her in the process. Until one day she got the lucky chance on meeting Niall Horan from One Direction. She gets to realize that love never fades...


15. Red

Alice's P.O.V

The horror I have seen..I just can't believe it. How people like this, can be so cruel. Ava was out like a light bulb and all I wanted to do is take away all the pain from her....more like take her away from here. Only to figure out they let me be, only on Adam orders. So I was stuck staying awake because I couldn't sleep with all these thoughts and all I can picture was the torturous they put us thru. I soon realize and kept tabs on how Adam was running with this. He kept them on shift to watch us, he let them starve us, but how clueless they are that they never check up on me like Adam wants them too. I still manage to have my cell stuff in my back pocket, and I been trying to get to it out this whole time without being notice. I was just lucky that this one guy had fallen asleep. I just began to rush to get one of my hands out free. It only took me several hours though, but I did it. I grab my phone and I started to text Niall. Please help! Track my phone and please hurry!!! Suddenly I hear someone coming and I drop my phone out of nervousness. "Damn.." I mumbled. I didn't click send, but I manage to kick it out before anyone saw it and I place my hand back up. Adam walk in with the guy I saw the first time I woke up. That guy gave me his most dirties glare I ever saw and I felt disgust. "Ahh, how nice. You’re still up." Adam said with pleasure. He came closer and places his hand on my cheek. I shook it off and looked away. He tries again to place his hand on my cheek and I bite him. " b*tch!" He snaps. "After all this time, you still have your sassiness." He continues and he just stands there to check me out. He suddenly slaps and I react so quick that I kick him in the stomach so hard and he fell backwards. The rope finally broke for my other hand, but I fell pretty hard to the ground. I realize I was close to my cell and I quickly grab it and click send. "You want to play games then?" He said and grabs my foot. I scream and started kicking. After a few minutes of me fighting he manages to pined me down with all his weight. "You’re not getting away that easy!" He hissed. "At least I'll die trying!" I hiss back. He soon notices the phone in my hand. " still have that?" He said in between his teeth. "You are all freaking idiots, how didn't you guys check her!" He yelled loudly within my ear. He wrestles the phone from me and hand it over to guy. He began trying to take my pants off and I started screaming no! I started crying and fighting for my left. "Adam, we got a problem!" The guy said. "What?" He hisses. The guy waves my cell up to show him the text. "You want to play like that now!" He said angrily. He left me up by my hair and threw across the room. I cry out in pain. He storm across from the room and left my head up by my hair. "Huh? You didn't answer my question?" He snaps loudly in my ear. "Like I said, I'll die trying!" I snap back. He picks me up again and threw me again back where I was but I hit the wall so hard, I went blank into darkness.

Niall's P.O.V

I was so shock, I shook it off and read the text message. Please help! Track my phone and please hurry! Alice sends. Omg! "Spencer!" I yelled. Spencer rushes back into the room still on the phone. I raise my phone up to him and he went pale. "I'll call you right back!" He said whoever he was talking too. He went back on his phone again. "Johnson.." He said. "Please come over ASAP over to Mandy's place." He said quickly and hung up. "When did you get this?" Spencer asks. "I just got it now!" I said quickly. Suddenly you heard someone at the door. Mandy went to go check and it was Officer Johnson. "What is it Spencer?" Officer Johnson asks. Spencer grabs my phone and shows it to him. "Calling all units, we got a lead!" He said quickly into his walkie talkie. "I'll bring right back." He said and left. Few minutes later he came back with a case. He opens it and started taking things out. "Can I see the phone again?" He asks me. I just hand it to him. "Are you going to find her?" I ask worryingly. "Yes, we just need to start tracking her phone." Is all he said. More and more police officers came. I looked over at everyone else and all they gave me grave pale blank faces. Will my princess make it out alive...

Alice's P.O.V

"Where am I?" I mumble out loud. I look around and there snow everywhere and I was freezing. I got up off the floor and started walking. I look down and notice blood on the floor. So I started following it and suddenly it stop. I look around and notice I was on top of a freeze lake. So I use my foot to move the snow around me and I saw something within the water. I got down on my knees and realize my cousin was stuck in the ice! "Ava! AVA!" I started screaming and trying to break the ice to get her out. Suddenly someone grab my hair, "she isn't come alive, neither will you!" Someone whisper. I woke up in a heartbeat sweating but in chills. I realize I was on the floor and I try to raise my head, I found out I was still at the warehouse. I try to get up, but I got tug back. I look at my hands and I was tie up again...but tie to the ground. This is really getting annoying. I sat back down and look over where Ava was at. She looks so gone, and it broke my heart. I look around some more and there were now two guys stand at the door instead of one. I'm just wondering how I got here and it made me annoyed in more how I wasn't there on time for Ava. She wouldn't at least be in this mess because this shouldn't be her problem. I don't think it should be anyone problem but my own. I started crying, I just feel like everything is my fault. I look over and notice my phone on the table nearby. I got up and trying my best to grab it. One of the guys standing at the door looks over and glare at me then to the phone and laugh at me. I tug and tug at the chains that were holding me down. I continue and continue, but it just felt like hours when I finally once again got my hand out of the chain. But this time, my hand and around my wrist was bleeding. Before I notice the chain fell to the floor and made a cling sound on the floor. I stood there shock and fell to the floor to make it seem like the chains it the floor, not make it seem like I took my hand out. Both guys turn around and look at me on the floor, both shook their heads at me in pity. When the look away, I got up again and went quickly to the phone grab it and went back on the floor again. I went to speed dial to call Niall; I want to hear his voice once more. Before anything else happens to me. It rang once and Niall pick it up. "My princess! Is everything alright?" He said in a rush. "No.." I whisper in tears. "I never got the chance to tell you this, but..." I whisper quickly until I hear footsteps....not again! "But what?" Niall said. It sound like he was in tears. "Love! What's going on?" He continues asking. Then Adam walk in, how does he know when to come in. "Not this again! Your little games are getting on my nerves!" He snarls at me. "Niall, I love you no matter what!" I said in tears and all I hear was a loud bam. I look down...all I saw was red, red growing..blood. I drop the phone from my hands with tears in my eyes. I look up again and I saw Adam was still pointing the gun at me. "ALICE!!!!" Is all I heard and I was shot at again. I fell back again and the phone was next to me. "I'm sorry.." In a whisper...and went dark once more but with a spot light at the end of my tunnel.

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