Love Never Fades

A trouble but cheerful girl name Alice has never seen a lot of things last for her. Only her best friend Mandy, her co-workers and jobs is all she has left, that she holds so dear. Most people don't realize the lost she had to go thru with her parents. Her mom past away when she 3 and her father pass away on her 22nd birthday! She couldn't help but feel hurt for her loss and everyone else teasing her in the process. Until one day she got the lucky chance on meeting Niall Horan from One Direction. She gets to realize that love never fades...


4. No Way!


Niall’s P.O.V

I laugh at her reaction and enjoy every minute! “Can I look at the picture?” I ask. Alice hand her phone over and to her surprise without knowing, I put my number into her contact and text the picture to my number. I wonder what she going to think about this, I hope it’s ok! “Here.. see you at the concert, darling!” I said waving bye. I..I.. didn’t feel like leaving her, I don’t know why… I barely know her.


Alice’s P.O.V

I can’t believe he kiss my cheek! I know it’s weird, I felt a small sparkle. I just wish we can talk more. It’s way! Aahhhh I’m freaking out! “Aahhhh I can’t believe that happen” I said to Mandy in the car. “I know, right! You’re so lucky!” she said. Was..was that a bit of jealous in her tone. Ughh I hope she isn’t comparing me to herself again! It makes me feel bad. She always insecure about herself, I just wish I can help her more. Don’t get me wrong, at one point she wasn’t like this she was always strong and kept her head up high, but just hurts me to see her like this. It must be really hard to be a single mom. I wouldn’t know, I’m not planning to have kids yet! But she always seems to have something that I don’t, she has her parents, she has sisters, her grandma, and her daughter. She has so much love in person that is so real, that will never fade. I just wish I had that.


Mandy’s P.O.V

I hope this concert can brighten our moods, it seems Alice happy. She got the chance to meet Niall Horan! I know she has the biggest crush on him, so I know she geeking out to herself more than what she showing me. She usually gets lucky, she always get the guys to look her way, great jobs,  she lives on her own in a house! I can’t even get a job nor can I afford an apartment. I’m still stuck living with my parents as a single mom. I just wish I can be look up too from my own daughter like she does to Auntie Alice. *bing* “Hey, can you read that for me please” Alice said while driving. She doesn’t text or talk on the phone while driving. I look at her phone, ughh how she does it! By saving money and spend wisely, she would say. She got an iPhone 5! “Hello love, did you make it here to BB&T Center yet?” Niall texted. Wait…WHAT! I squealed! “Ahhhh Alice, guess what! Is your lover Niall!” I told her. “WHAT! How did I get his number!!!” Alice said while her eyes bugging out.


Alice’s P.O.V

OMG I can’t believe it! Niall Horan text me! How did I get his number, how..did he get mine? Was that what he was doing when he ask me for my phone? Geez, if that’s true why me? I’m nothing special. “Text him back and said we’re here, just looking for a parking spot.” I told Mandy. *bing* Damn, that was a quick replied, I thought he would be busy with the concert. Mandy read the text aloud, “Come to the Staff parking lot! I would like to give you and Mandy VIP tickets!” In that moment, it felt like the movie Despicable Me whenever the minions say ‘whaaaaat’ but as a shock Directioner fan! “NO WAYY!!!!” me and Many squealed out loud.



Niall’s P.O.V

She must be flipping out! I laughed, I just hope she comes. I like her reactions they are priceless. “Niallerrrrr” yelled Harry. “Whatttttt Harry!” I ask laughing. Man, I’m in a good mood. Well I’m always in a good mood, this life making music is great! “Ahh you look happy, you must have invited that redhead and her friend then!?” he ask amused. “Well, yes I did!” I blushed! “Ahhh you must found your princess!” he scream aloud joking to the other lads. 

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