Love Never Fades

A trouble but cheerful girl name Alice has never seen a lot of things last for her. Only her best friend Mandy, her co-workers and jobs is all she has left, that she holds so dear. Most people don't realize the lost she had to go thru with her parents. Her mom past away when she 3 and her father pass away on her 22nd birthday! She couldn't help but feel hurt for her loss and everyone else teasing her in the process. Until one day she got the lucky chance on meeting Niall Horan from One Direction. She gets to realize that love never fades...


8. Finally


Niall's P.O.V

We came early to Creative Nonsense to have an interview. Wow, creative nonsense is a pretty cool place for all artistes to come work at! We are getting a tour of the place while we wait, I never seen so many talented people in one place. Our tour guide was talking about a few people and their talent until I thought I hear Alice name and I began to listen in. "Alison is one of the few best graphic designer and photographer we ever have!" The tour guide said. Oh, I mishear her. I do miss her.  "Here where your interview will be, you can wait here for the spokesperson. She should be here any minute." She said smiling. "Also, you can help yourself with food and drinks over there." And she walks away. I was already over looking at what food we got and damn, they have every junk food here. They have chocolate chips, Oreos, oatmeal cookies, lays chips, Pringles, candy, you name it! I got some Pringles and some soda, then I was about to sit down until I saw a collage of pictures on the wall. I went up to look look at them, I soon notice there were pictures of Alice and other people that must work here. Alice looks so adorable, that smile, that sparkle in her eyes. There are so many pictures of her here, did she work here? Then I realize I stay looking at an older picture that look like Alice, she can't be that old! "Ha ha the collage of doom!" I hear someone laugh next to me. I got startled, then I look over and notice it was one of the other people who talk today about their position here. "Ahh" she said calmly realizing something, "you must be Niall then?" She ask looking at the picture of me and Alice. I laughed, "Yes, I am...wait, she works here!" I said curious if she does. She laughs, "Yes, she didn't tell you!" "No..well we having got that far yet!" I said laughing.  "By the way, I'm Alison" she said polity. She is Alison, they mention her before. I went back to look at the picture I was looking at before. She seems to notice what I was looking at, "That's Alice mom." "Really? They look alike!" I said surprised. She looks thoughtful but sad. I wonder what that was for. Suddenly, the door open and Alice came walking thorough. 

Alice's P.O.V

I went to drop off Ava at school and went off to work, if I don't leave early enough I'll be late because of traffic. Then I'll never hear an end of it from my boss. *Bing* when I look over, I got a text from my boss. You have an interview at 8 am with our special guest. How does she always do this to me, send me last minute interviews with celebrities. Don't get me wrong, I love it! I get the chance to meet them and its one the best part of my job.

*15 minutes later*

I walk through the doors of my job. Everywhere I go here, everyone wants to say hi or get to know. It's odd! Something I'm not use too. By the time I walk through my office door, I stop and notice my special guest is One Direction! "No way! Ha Ha you’re the special guest for today interview!" I said happily jumping up and down. I went around and hug the lads, lastly Niall..I gave him the longest hug. "Awww why wasn't my hug like that!" Louis yelled. I was laughing so badly into Niall shirt when he said, "Aw why don't you join along then?" While laughing. Louis ran towards us like a big kid getting a toy while knocking us over to the floor. Harry, Liam and Zayn soon join on top of us saying 'me next, me next!' How can anyone get tired of these boys! 

*1 hour later*

The interview was done and it was great. One of my favorite interviews I have done so far! I look over at Niall and saw that he was looking at the collage I have up. I walk over and poke him in the side; it was funny when he jumps up. He poking back, I laughed and said "Ha you’re in my poking war and you'll never see the end of it!" He laugh, it was the greatest laugh I ever heard! I almost tripped and he manages to catch me on time, he held me in place. All I can do is look up into his eyes, oh my, there gorgeous! "Oh my, you’re so gorgeous!" I said aloud enough for him to hear! Wait..what! I said that aloud! Oh no..I wish I didn't! I look away with embarrassment. I felt his hand under my chin, and then he raises my chin for me to look at him again. "Your.." He began when Harry scream, "Get a room!" You can hear laugher all around the room. I felt more embarrassed.

Niall's P.O.V

She looks so embarrassed. Ugh.. I wish there was a right moment for us. "Ha Ha! Really funny guys!" I shook my head laughing. "Come on!" I told Alice. I grab her hand and ran out the door. "Huh where are you taking me?" She asks curiously. We turn left; we turn right until we found the garden they made here. She look like she wanted to ask a million questions, but suddenly I couldn't read her expression. She walks over to flowers and walk slowly to each one to look at them. She looks so adorable. I want to get to know her more. What would I say? Where should I take her? Why am I so nervous? "Is everything ok?" She asks calmly. "Yes, everything fine" I said nervously. I hope she doesn't notice. I pick at a red rosé that she was looking at and walk over, "Alice, would you like to go out with me tonight?" She smiles that gorgeous smile of hers. I wonder what it's taking her so long; it feels like a century to answer. "Yes, I would love too!" She said.

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