Love Never Fades

A trouble but cheerful girl name Alice has never seen a lot of things last for her. Only her best friend Mandy, her co-workers and jobs is all she has left, that she holds so dear. Most people don't realize the lost she had to go thru with her parents. Her mom past away when she 3 and her father pass away on her 22nd birthday! She couldn't help but feel hurt for her loss and everyone else teasing her in the process. Until one day she got the lucky chance on meeting Niall Horan from One Direction. She gets to realize that love never fades...


7. Ava


*few days later after the concert*


Alice’s P.O.V

I was standing by the bathroom worrying about my mom. What’s going on? I hope she ok. “Mommy..are….are you ok?” I said worryingly. All I could hear was her throwing up. “Excuse me, honey.” My dad asking politely. He walk by to get into the bathroom. All I saw was my mom looking so ill. My dad closes the door quickly. “Is everything ok?” I ask a bit louder. Then..everything was getting dark and the door was beginning to slowly zoom end. All I could do was run after it; I want to know how my mom is doing? Is that asking for too much? Suddenly the door was gone and I was left alone in the dark with no place to go. I slowly began to wake up and realize it was just a dream. Ever since my dad died, I been getting the same dream when after my mom died when I was 3. It gets me every time on how I can remember this dream so vividly. I got up and out of bed to get ready for a fresh new day! I went to the bathroom to wash my face and do my business, so I can get my cousin off to school. That girl..she gets to me at times. “Avaaaaa, time to wake up for school dear!” I said in a sing sang voice. “She open one eye and gave the evil towards. All I can do is laugh; she can be so funny at times. “Get up, before I pour a bucket full of cold water with ice in it!” I said sarcastically. She shot up and gave me the funny expression on her, like I was really going to do it! “No you’re not!” she stated. She acts like she tough, but I know she wants to laugh. “Dare me!” I said laughing. “No, No, and No!” She said getting out of bed quickly and running to the bedroom. I burst out laughing so bad, I was in tears. She gets me every time with her reactions. “Stop laughing, I’m not a laughing stock you know..geez!” she said while putting her hair up in a messy bun. Sometimes she takes things to seriously, I guess ever since the issue she created for herself back at home. My uncle hand her over to me, to help her out..well I just think he doesn't know what else to do to help her. I can tell she just change and not willingly to be herself anymore.


Ava’s P.O.V

My cousin always likes to get a good laugh. How can someone seem to laugh so much, geez..not everything is funny. My stomach started to growl. “Hey, let’s go make some breakfast, Miss hungry butt!” Alice said smiling. We went to the kitchen to make our usually pancake Monday’s breakfast. I always enjoy this part of the beginning of each week! At least one person knows how to make me happy with the simple things in life. I look over at the clock and it was already 6:20 a.m. Ugghh I don’t want to take the best! My classmates can be so annoying! “Can you take me to school today? Pleaseeee” I ask kindly while putting my plate in the dishwasher. I turn to see her reaction and oh noo.. why she giving me that look! Every time she does that, she always manages to figure out what’s wrong. I wonder if she psychic..*shivers*..I hope not! That would be plain creepy!


Alice’s P.O.V

Every time Ava asks me to take her to school instead the bus always means something. Ever since she moved in with me, she had been having trouble on fitting in at school, fitting in period. I wonder why she never confronts me about her problems! I was about to say something until I hear my phone began to ring. I ran to pick it up, I look at caller I.D and it was Niall!!!! I did my happy dance. I and he talking a lot since the concert. We Skype, text, talk, anything you can manage. I never got that butterfly feeling to ever go away, I just want to see him. We both have been busy, me with 2 jobs, college, and taking care of my cousin while he busy with the tour. “Hello love” Niall said with his loveable Irish accent. “Heyy How the tour?” I ask happily. “Everything been great, we’re on our way to our interview.” He said cheerfully. “That’s great to hear…..ALICE!..”I started to say when Ava shouted me name. “It’s time to take me to school.” She said. Oh, yea..I almost forgot about that, it seems to happen when I talk to Niall. He so lovely, his accent is so adorable to listen to all day! “Stop talking to your boyfriend, Missy! I don’t want to be late again with Mrs. Stuck up Juarez again!” she shouted. I giggled at that one, she can stay Mrs. Juarez, I was like that once but now I understand why she likes that! “Who was that? And have a boyfriend?” Niall said. He sound like he was curious, but sad. “That was my cousin Ava; remember I told you about her! No, I don’t have a boyfriend!” I laugh. He so cute when he likes that. “Ohh, well it sounds like you got your hands full then!” He said saying relief. “Don’t worry, it’s nothing. But I’ll text you! Laters dear” I said. “Bye irishshortcake” he said laughing. *click* He always does that, that’s the so new nickname I got from him. He always makes me laugh too.

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