If We Ever Meet Again

10 years of 1D has been a great success but its time for a break, and the boys go their separate ways. But what's next inline for them?

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54. Zayn & Chloe - Dark

"Hey Zayn" she spoke. Chloe had propped herself in front of the TV, watching a movie.

"Ahhh hey, is Liam around?" 

"No, he won't be back until tonight. He's gone out to do some thinking, Geronimo called him in about something."

"So it's just us today?" 

"Yeah, pretty much. What are you thinking?" She laughed

I had to say something about that night where we went out clubbing.

I sat right beside her. 

"Can we talk?"

"I guess" she turned the tv and faced me.

"Well you know night we went clubbing?"


"I remember a lot of that night" she was uncomfortable where this was going. " I know I cuffed you to your bed. I was the bad guy and Liam was the hero. We didn't actually do anything, but you and Liam did. It's weird how things turn out eh?" I try to laugh

Chloe sunk into the couch.

"Does Liam remember any of this?" She flinched

"No I don't think so.."

"Why must you bring this up?"

"I have my reasons. Do you remember anything?"


"But you manage to clean up well in the bedroom"

"I was hoping you wouldn't remember"

I got up and kicked off my shoes and took my jacket off. I walk over to Chloe , and stand right in front of her. I took off my shirt.

"What are you doing!!!???" I bend down and lean in towards her. 

Our faces are inches away, I locked her into my stare, and she quietened down. I took her hand and placed it on my face. She stroked my hair and face. Her hand started moving down my neck and to my chest. 

She quickly looks away. 

"No Zayn!" She whispered. Chloe peered back over. I took off my pants. And took her hand and rubbed it over my stomach. She started pushing it in

"It's so ..." Before Chloe said anything. She moved me away and started waking away. 

I took her hand an said,

"I want you to myself." Chloe was caught in the moment. But pulled her hand away 

Chloe points her finger in my face

"It's not going to work Mr. Malik. I am way to sensible, to fall in easily."

I grabbed her from behind and whispered in her ear.

"I can tell you want me too. I make your heart beat faster and faster. I make you drop every time I say your name. Chloe. I make you tremble" 

Chloe went along with my hug, but broke herself free.

"We can never do this...because .. Beacause! BECAUSE IM A ... I'M A VIRGIN!!! ... Well I was....." Chloe storms off to her bedroom.

I never expected that...

I walked into her bedroom. Chloe was looking at a picture of Liam, her and I.

"I should be happy I had my first time with big time boy band, but I'm not. I don't remember anything. I was going to wait, until marriage. But it's gone now, and I regret it"

"Some say you have to sober and in love and emotionally ready for it." I tried to comfort her.

I sat beside her on the bed. She places down the photo and stares at me. Chloe places her hand around my neck and kisses me, intensely

"Slow down there" I pulled her arm away.

"I'm ready." She said. I look at her in confusion. "I'm happy, not in love but with some one I care about and trust. I trust you"

"I do to. But is this the way you want it?"  

"Your my friend, and there's no one better to trust than a friend."

I don't want to argue with her. But I'm afraid she will get crappy with me if I don't follow along. 

I give her a long kiss, and pull back, 

"Are you sure?" I ask. Chloe nods in approval

She practically rips her shirt open and yanks off her pants. I kiss her her neck trailing all over her body. I slip out of my underwear and and take hers off too. I look down on her and,  she was really serious when she said "I'm ready". When we first interlocked she sighed and smiled to me. I knew this was the right thing for us. 

She rolled over on top of me. Our tongues met more than once, I let out a moan when we did. Chloe then sat up and things got more serious. She was enjoying herself and so was I. Apart from my first time, this was a pretty passionate time for me. And from the sounds of Chloe, she probably could say the same thing.  

Chloe had given me what I wanted, and I gave her what she wanted. Is there more to the story of us?

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