If We Ever Meet Again

10 years of 1D has been a great success but its time for a break, and the boys go their separate ways. But what's next inline for them?

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8. Victoria - 2

Oh gosh! I'm so excited for this fashion shoot. It will be Victoria's Sectret Fashion Shows' first ever shoot of the year. And this time there's going to be male models. My chauffeur is taking me and a couple of other models to the beach. I get greeted by Leon!

Leon Fernardo, my boyfriend! He's a model and super sexy, short but got a killer body. He has sandy blonde brown hair, I just wish he would get rid of the mo. It looks alright on him, but when I first saw him, I thought he as gay... It's been about 4 months since we started dating. Leon from nothing to everything. He's on the front cover for the latest Men's Health Magazine.

"Leon!" I exclaimed, surprised by his presence.

"Hello Victoria" sounding very posh.

"You don't have to call me that, and what's with the voice?"

"I know, and I just thought I would try it out, does it suit me?"

"Not in the slightest"

"Good, I didn't like it much either"

He takes my hand leads me to the pier.

"So what are you doing here? I thought you were doing a photo shoot today?"

"Correct! For Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!"

"No way! Why didn't you tell me?"

"It was better as a surprise"

The photographer and the stylist gathered all of us around.

"Hair and makeup is to the left. The costumes are in the dressing truck and we shoot on the pier and the beach shore. You have half an hour to get ready. Better get going!"

All the guy models went to hair and make up, and the girls went to the costume truck. We met the stylist there who organized us into our outfits. For this shoot, they didn't go outrageous with the underwear, it was more calming than full on.

I wore the sailors outfit. I had nice blue heels and navy blue under wear with white around the bands and a couple of small metal anchors dangling from the middle of my chest and on my hips. I even got a small sailors hat, that would need to go on with hair and makeup. Half the girls there, had what I had on and the other half were mermaids. The mermaids were stunning. That had the top made with shiny metallic material that looked like it was apart of their body, and their legs had a lot of silver sequins, not enough to fully cover them but enough.

They guys and the girls switched places and as we passed the boys, the were all looking like oranges. That made us laugh. For hair and makeup, my hair was poofy and teased with my sailor hat. I had a bold red lips and a lot of eyeliner on, as did the other sailors. The mermaids had shiny gold eyeshadow with long fake eyelashes and put green shiny makeup around the edges of the girls top, thus making it more like it was attached to their body and put silver makeup all over their legs that made the silver sequins pop out.

We were all done and waiting together at the pier. The guys looked so adorable in just the sailor neck scarves, sailor hats and white boxers. The photographer put the sailor girls and the sailor boys in twos. I was with Leon.

The first shot, was was with the girls in front doing a Sargent wave and smiling. And the boys behind us and all over us. Leon wraps his arms around my legs, crouches down and looks up at me like I'm an angel

The second shot, we had to look like we were having fun together. So Leon grabs me around the waist and lifts me up onto his shoulder and I do the, "I'm on the front of the titanic" pose, and Leon gives out a big grin.

The third shot, all the boys had to stand to one side looking all heroic and hot. And girls had to stand to the other side and say goodbye.

The fourth shot, the mermaids and the sailor girls had to sit on a rock out near the shore looking all girly and the boys were looking at us enchanted.

The next couple of shots the sailor girls weren't needed. But I stayed and watched them.

The fifth shot, the mermaids were swimming, coming out of the water and the boys had to look at them unsure of what they were.

The last shot, the boys were pulling the mermaids out of the water. Some of them had the already pulled out and some of them had their hand, getting a good look of what they were.

That's a wrap for today. Thank goodness, either the mermaid Leon had was really good at acting or she actually looked like she liked him. It didn't mater because Leon just left her in the water and didn't bother helping her up, I couldn't help but giggle evily.

"I totally knew it. You were jealous of the mermaid I was modeling with." Leon was right. The chick couldn't keep her eyes off him. "Yup. I could tell by the way I left her in the water, and I looked at you face. I did it because I could tell she sort of liked me, and I didn't want you knowing I support that."

"That's really sweet Leon, even if I was totally not jealous at all..." At this point I would usually completely deny it, and tell him that he's a horrible person for thinking that. But I admire his dedication to me.

"She's looking at us, shall we show her how close we really are?" He smiled and I nodded. He kissed me, full on, no holding back on that tongue. He pulls away from me and we both smile at each other for a moment.

"Rightio, shall we head back to my place or yours?"

"Actually, I could really go for a coffee right now."

"Coffee it is!" Sounding like he solved a hard quiz. And Leon takes me to the limo.

His way of presenting something in a funny way used to take me back to my teenage years.

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