If We Ever Meet Again

10 years of 1D has been a great success but its time for a break, and the boys go their separate ways. But what's next inline for them?

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42. Vicky and Louis - 10

Those calls we very interesting. I find myself thinking, is it just a coincidence? 

Tonight I'm planning a night out with Louis, Zayn, Liam and Chloe. We take a limo to an a very exclusive club.


The atmosphere is incredible, I've been to plenty before, but it always is so amazing. Chloe is fascinated with this new scene.

We all did one round of  shots, I then took Chloe to the middle of the dance floor and we start breaking out our club moves. Louis stayed at the bar with the boys, drinking a beer


"I can't believe Vicky is the kind of girl to clubbing, and she organized this. I thought you would have." Zayn yelled to me over the pending music.

"Yeah, well though I do like to bust a few moves. It is Vicky that flirts her way into these things"

"Do you ever get jealous?" Liam asks

"Not at all, I know she is definitely mine. But she, sets right off even if make eye contact with a girl she thinks is prettier than her."

The boys nod, and then we see the girls dancing, I get another shot, and join them. 


"Awww Leon! You should have got the boys to join us!" I yell.

"I don't think this is their night" Louis yells back. 

I see Chloe walk over to them. It gives Louis and I some dance time. Did I mention Louis and took dance classes? It was for me to learn how to let loose and dance, for a photoshoot. But we have stuck to it. It's really awkward because he is a lot shorter than me, but he takes advantage of the view. 

We start really getting into moves, more advanced. We avoid spins and twirls, and we stick to feet and and arm movement. A tango song came on, and we were right into that, despite the twirls. We were actually pretty good, I thought.


We sat down with the others, they were up and to that dance floor. Really getting into the aroma of a club.

"I wish i knew what to say to Chloe, she is avoiding the Liam and Zayn situation of hers." I yell to Lou

"She can't let them get away with that surely." Lou points to Chloe, Liam and Zayn are gaining on her, getting real close.

"Should we go over there?" I ask

"Let them be, their drunk, don't piss them off." I nod. 

Lou and I have a couple more rounds of drinks, before heading back to the floor. 


I grab Chloe, dance with her and also trying to talk to her.

"Chloe! At you crazy? The boys are going nuts for you! Maybe settle it down a bit?"

"What can I say I'm lovable!!! And you can't settle down in a club, thats, nuts"

"That's not what I mean" She can't hear me and looses herself into them music. She was now dancing and allowing Liam and Zayn to be close. 

Ok that is me for the night! I grab Lou and we trail off and get a cab home. I told the limo chauffeur  to wait for Chloe. 

Let's hope she gets home alright.

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