If We Ever Meet Again

10 years of 1D has been a great success but its time for a break, and the boys go their separate ways. But what's next inline for them?

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49. The End....

(1 year later after the band broke up)

The boys from One Direction performed at Madison Square Garden, where this was their last concert as a band ever. They came out of hiding. They saw their families and they couldn't be happier.

They boys had a press conference right after the show.

"You were secret for a whole year what was the hardest thing?" one of them asked

"Telling our loved ones who we were." Zayn answered.

"Are we ever going to know what happened?"

"We are currently writing a book on what we did in the year." Harry said.

"Was it worth it?"

"I think so... Yeah definitely." Louis smiled

"What's next?"

"It really depends on of we want to do." Niall answered

"I've got a question for Liam, you were the editor in chief of Dolly Magazine while you were not being Liam. Replacing Geronimo Lake. Will you still be taking over?"

"Yeah. The team at Dolly were very excited that I will be taking the job. And Zayn is going to be one of the stylists. We even hired Lou to be one of our male models."

"That leaves Harry and Niall, what will you be doing?"

"I will be touring with Justine. Her career is really taking off and I'm glad to be apart of it."

"and Harry?"

"I will just be with my family."


A party of 10 was organized for the boys so they could have time together with their ladies.

"To us!" Justine held a toast. But then felt something at the back of her throat. She quickly ran to the ladies room. 

The rest all pulled away from the clinks of their glasses, and Niall went to go after Teenie.

Louis tries to pull Vicky away, and searched for her hand. 

"Lou!" Vicky yells as she feels her hand being tugged.

"Stop freaking out, and listen to me for a sec." Lou leans down and presents Victoria with a ring. Before he could say anything, Vicky snatches the ring, puts it on her finger and tackles Lou on the ground. 

"Ahhhhh!!" Vicky screams and waves her hand in the air. Everyone clapped and cheered before holding another toast,

"To long lasting relationships" Zayn said. He looked over to Chloe. Who had her hand in Liam's. But then looked to Sarah, a girl Liam introduced him too. They had only recently started going out. Pretty much just before One Direction came out. She was a fan, and even a bigger one of Zayn's. So she was very happy. 

"We actually have some news of our own..." Harry said, while everyone was still gathered.

"1. You're all invited to our wedding. 2. We have adopted a child from Africa. Her name is Laceal. 3. We are staying in Australia!!" Brie announced.

"No freakin way!!!" Chloe yells as she hugs Brie and Harry. 


"How you holding up?" Niall asks Justine as she is throwing up.

"How do you bloody think it is!" Justine yells angrily.

"Did you eat anything off?"

"I ate exactly what you ate dipshit!!"

"ok! Well, what could it be?" Justine opens the toilet door and leans against the door frame.

"pregnancy...." she slowly said. "Go get me a test!" teenie demanded.

Niall scurried off. 

"Hey! How's teenie?" Vicky asks Niall. He didn't stop to talk. He just mumbled "She could be pregnant" under his breath. 

No one wanted to bother Justine in the bathroom. But Chloe, Vicky and Brie went to see her anyway.

"Justine?" Vicky called out. The girls found her on the floor. Curled up crying.

"TEENIE!" The girls yelled and rushed to her side.

"I have to tour with Niall. I'm pregnant. This could ruin everything." she cried.

"You don't know for sure that you are pregnant" Chloe said

"But I'm on tour. I could be destroying the baby's health" Justine whined

"Get a grip. You are going to be fine. You are going to tell your manager, and everything will work out. It always does." Vicky said

"Management will help you." Brie tried to comfort her.

"I guess you could be right." The girls stand Justine up. 

Niall smashed the door open, handing the test to Justine. The girls patted her back and smiled sympathetically.

Justine came running out the ladies room and to the party room  where everyone was waiting for her, "I'M PREGNANT!!!!!" 

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