If We Ever Meet Again

10 years of 1D has been a great success but its time for a break, and the boys go their separate ways. But what's next inline for them?

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27. Nate and Justine - 7

Walking to the restaurant, 2 hours after opening time, side by side with teenie, hand in hand. A couple of nudges and whispers from the co workers as we walk inside. I was feeling a little to happy with myself, and I jumped onto the piano, kicked off our other musician and start playing a cheerful tune.

When I finished, I handed the singing over to Justine, which thankfully she was just as happy as I was. She sang a happy upbeat love song and the customers loved it. But the workers didn't pay attention to my Teenie bopper.

I got Justine to take over the hourly songs for the day. Jenny wasn't pleased, but I told her, when Teenie had her day she could take over. Jenny huffs and puffs and walks away. But I mean c'mon, this is what I needed after a night like that, Justine deserves to be treated like royalty. And a whole day of happy love songs, explains Justine's first time with me? Heck yeah!


I feel bad taking over Jenny's song day, but she can take my day, so whatever. I'm just so forever happy! I don't even care that I was late for the first time!

Niall and I, just something that I have been dying to say, for 10 years!! All my dreams have literally come true!


Gosh! That last song has me needing to take a break! I've been able to slack off, so I went to go to Niall's office.

He looked up at me and smiled.

The blue eyes that's all I need to say, they have me falling to my knees.

I walk over to his desk and sit right in front of him, stopping him from working. He leans back placing his hand behind his back. He looks at me, then stands up.

Niall caresses my cheek, I place my head on his neck and give him light soft kisses. He lifts my chin up and kisses my lips, softly, and slowly he starts to intensify the kisses, but no more than that.

I pull away and hug him.

"You are the first person I haven't lied to in months. And I'm so glad you're
still here with me" Niall says.

I smile, pull his neck tie, so his face was close enough to have another momentous kiss.


We walk out of his office to hear a group of people arguing in the kitchen

"Is this now how it's always going to be?" One voice said

"It's only been a couple of hours and already Justine is like the freakin queen!" A second voice said

"I even just saw them now cutting out of work time to have a make out session, it's work people!" A third voice said

"If we don't do something about it now, it's going to get worse and we will go under, and I really like working here." Another voice said.

I turn to Niall, I can see slight anger mixed with confusion in his face as he marched towards the kitchen.

He shoves the door open, everyone in the room had a stunned look.

"Explain to me what is going on!?" Niall yells. I turn his face towards me, he was forcing himself not to, but he turned.

I stroke his face. I don't want him to say anything that he will regret later. "It's ok, it's ok. I've got it. Go outside and cool off."

He storms off to the car park, and I look to the frightened workers.

"So, your not ok with Nate and I?" I ask

"It's not that we are not ok with it, believe me, it's really adorable. But we are just worried for the future of the diner." Jenny replied

"You were slacking off today, and we all had to pick things up" Westly said

"And with things that happened today, I think we have every right to be worried." Tom said,

"And from now on, I will make sure that relationships, do not effect our work ethics in anyway. On our behalf, I'm sorry for the inappropriate behaviors from both of us at the
workplace." I said, "Now, back to work. Jenny you can go back to your hourly songs, and you can take over mine next time."

The workers scurried off to get back to it.


Thank goodness Justine made me leave when I did, I would have exploded right in their faces, and then they would quit. Making me have to go knocking on their doors, on my knees pleading for them to come back.

Justine came out the door to find me. I walk up to her and give her a hug.

"So is everything ok?" Justine asks me

"Yeah, thanks. So what did they say?"

"Don't worry about it. We just got to keep to the after hours for our fun. Ok?"

"That's fine."

Work place for work. Damn.
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