If We Ever Meet Again

10 years of 1D has been a great success but its time for a break, and the boys go their separate ways. But what's next inline for them?

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13. Luke and Zac - 3

I hate lying. I hate being someone I'm not. I still keep some traits but it's not the same. And I get to keep Zayn well, Zac. I live in Scotland. Where it's cold and miserable. I hate it. I cant leave here until i find out what I want to take up, or find someone and settle down. But I don't want to meet anyone or make any new friends, because all that will come out is LIES.


My feelings are no where near as bad as "Luke's". I'm ok with living in Scotland. Although, I wish I didnt have to be so serious all the time. But if I get drunk and start blabbing things out that I shouldn't, don't blame it on me, blame it on the alcohol. I don't really know what I want to do with my career or job, but something will come for me. Something always comes for Zayn Malik.

Today Luke and I looking for jobs. We have cash, but we are wanting to save it. We need to earn some to keep our houses and to eat, obviously. We looked at all different kinds of places. There was nothing that really suited us, even open minded there was nothing. So we were just looking for somewhere to eat. There was a nice restaurant up ahead of us. That seemed nice. But in the clothes I'm wearing, I'm to so sure they would let me in.


I'm not cut out for this life. I wear suits everyday and act all happy. I'm exact opposite of happy. There's no decent job in this town. There's nothing for me here. I want to run away, leave Zac, leave my life. Forget everything. And to think, I was the one that said "Why are we so down and out. We'll comeback." and blah blah blah. I see why we shouldn't have broken away from our lives. No one knows me. I'm just a regular person, except I'm not who I am.

Zac and I went around looking for something to eat. A restaurant with nice high windows...

"Table for 2 please" I tell the waitress, she sits us on the bottom floor. Well it's very busy which means its very noisy.

She glares out at Zac, looking at what he was wearing but moves on. We are sitting right in at the middle of this place. People everywhere and food anywhere, on shirts on shoes on the ground. I thought it was supposed to be a nice restaurant. I order fried rice with honey chicken. Zac orders a pastas dish of some sort I didn't quite get the name.

The meal came quickly, and we hounded that food down quickly. So we order desert, we both got chocolate cake. I notice a girl in the distance looking at me, or maybe it was something on my face. I quickly check, i grab a napkin and wipe my mouth. And look at her, she's laughing harder. Did I miss it. I look at her again she taps her nose. So I wipe my nose and surely enough chocolate comes off. I look at her again she is getting her bill.

I only took a couple of bites and I'm full. I excuse myself to go the bathroom. It's upstairs, where the windows I first saw at the front of the restaurant.

I open the window and breath in some air. I'm over come with thoughts. And I start breathing heavily. I walk to the sink and splash some water on my face. That didn't help. I walk back to window.

"But I dont want to meet anyone or make any new friends, because all that will come out is LIES." I say to myself

I stand up on the window looking out to the rest of the town.

"I hate lying. I hate being someone I'm not. I'm not cut for this life. No one knows me" I yell out, people stop and turn around. A woman rushes inside. I know one thing. Nothing can stop me.


A girl came rushing in screaming help. I turn around. She'scoming towards me.


"Zac!" Luke calls out. "My place isn't here! I'm not cut for this life!"

"Yes you are! You just haven't figured it out!" the woman who came to me, yelled to him.

"I'm gonna go up there and get him, you stay here and keep talking to him." she said.

"ok" I replied. I had no idea what to do! My best friends about to commit suicide and it's my choice of words that can stop him.


"Don't jump! Please we can figure this out!" Zac yelled.

"it's too late for that! I already figured it all out" I take a deal breath.

But suddenly I am pulled inside, it was the lady at the restaurant.

"It's ok. I've got. Everything's going to be ok" she holds me tightly and tears drip down her face. I hug her back and cry with her.

"thank you! Thank you!" I cried out to her as I dug my face into her shoulder.

Zac came crashing in. And joins the hug. He lets go and ask for the lady's name.

"Chloe" and she continues on holding me and grabs Zac back into the hug.
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