If We Ever Meet Again

10 years of 1D has been a great success but its time for a break, and the boys go their separate ways. But what's next inline for them?

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55. Liam - Dark

I slammed her against the wall, our kisses have shortened and gotten more intense. I undress myself and got propped on the bed, naked. She pounces onto he bed, clawing my body as she kisses lead to my face. She leaves a trail of kisses from my lips right down to my penis. Her hot mouth on me and looking at me, but I avoided her eyes

She wants me, but I want her more.

"Oh Chloe!" I shriek

-------- (A few hours earlier)

I was meeting Geronimo at his office. We have grown closer this past week, I even told him about Chloe.

I entered his office, I get a by pass in, because I've come in her so often.

"Hey G-Lake" yes I have a nickname for him.

"Oh hey! I'm glad you came in"

"You sounded worried on the phone"

"Yeah well I needed to talk to someone besides my partner."

"Sure. Anytime, you've listened to my problems, and now I can listen to yours."

He wasn't saying anything, there was a long pause.

"I'm dying...." he frowned.

"What?" did I hear right?

"I have stage 3 melanoma." he paused. "I can't survive this" he starts crying. 

I give him a hug and try to comfort him. 

"Don't they have chemo?" I ask

"That can't help the fact I'm dying. With treatment, I only have a year.." 


Emotions are running wild. I finally now see why Chloe and Zayn cared about me so much when I was going to jump off of the building. This is nothing like that, Geronimo doesn't have a choice, it was set in stone. He was going to die. The worst part is, he doesn't know when it's going to happen. 

WHY WAS I SO STUPID TO WANT TO DIE?!?! My pace leading out to the building got faster and faster, to a point where I was running. People stared but I ignored them.

I don't know where I'm heading, but I need to blow off some steam...


I found a little beach party, I stopped. I wasn't going to hurt anyone, I was sure of that. 

I walked closer to the party, a blonde girl came to me

"You should join in, have fun, drink, party, you look like you need to loosen up" 

And thats what I did, I tried not drinking to much, I danced with the blonde chick and she kissed me.

I took the kiss further than it needed to, but she didn't hesitate to follow. 

"Let's go to mine" She winks. And we danced ourselves out of the party. 

We were alone and I kissed her like no tomorrow, I put my hand over her ass and started lifting up her dress. She stopped me, giggled and ran to the front of a beach house and unlocked it.


"Oh! Chloe!" I shriek,

The girl lifts her head, one eyebrow raised. 

"I-I-I'm so sorry..." I say trying to cover my body. Was it so wrong to miss someone so much you call our her name when your with another girl?

"it's ok. Your girlfriend must have dumped you, I get it. I'm the rebound" She frowned. I felt bad.

"no its not like that at all!" trying to sound positive.

"well you can tell me. I'm a good listener."

"I don't feel comfortable with telling you my problems. I'm sorry. I don't even know your name"

"it's Sarah, I didn't catch your name either. I promise if I can help you." Sarah sat herself in the bed. I moved a little, uncomfortable that I was naked. "I will let you get changed and then you can tell me. Ok?" I nodded as she headed out the room. 

Am I prepared to tell a stranger my problems? 


"Thats it." I told her everything. It felt good, getting a woman's opinion and comfort.

"and how does Geronimo's cancer affect us almost sleeping together?" 

"I guess a heap of emotions were building up and I took it out on you? I don't even know."

"Right, well I say you tell Chloe your feelings for her, in detail. Or a gesture that shows what you feel for her."

"Don't you think I've tried?"

"Try again. Make her believe. And anyway, if it doesn't work our for you, I'm here" she winks. I think I might pass. She was pretty and advice filled, but she has the whole fake tan and fake blonde hair, not the way I roll.

A lot of what she said is what I've tried, but I will make her believe.


"Chloe can we talk?" I yelled to her on the other side of her bedroom door.

I hear tumbles and sounds as footsteps became clearer.

Chloe opens the door, she is a dressing gown

"Hey what time is it?" Snaking her way through the doorway and shutting the door closed. I don't even want to know

"Around ten? Were you asleep?"

"Yeah I went to bed early but now I'm wide awake. What's up? " She grins and heads to the couch. Chloe contemplated in where she should sit on the couch before placing her bottom down. Then shifted right

"I'm just gonna come out and say it... Chloe you know what I feel for you. It's deep and meaningful and true. I am trying to make you see that I will do whatever it takes to get you. I love that you won't break either mine or Zayn's hearts to make a choice. But I'm here to tell you I love you, and it won't ever change. It's you that I see when I know I'm making the wrong choices. I can feel that maybe somewhere way deep down you can say the same-"

She kisses me. Interrupting my speech. SHE KISSED ME! 

Zayn walks in on us, he's not wearing anything. But he didn't come from the direction of his bedroom, he came from....

IT'S NONE OF MY BUSINESS! I'm just happy we finally kissed!

"Sit down Zayn, you should here this too. Put clothes in first" he walks away.

"What are you doing?! We were kissing!" I whispered to Chloe, a bit pissed that we could go back to that.

He sat down.

"I am probably the most horrible person on this planet." What no! She is the best most amazing girl ever! "I slept with Zayn" WHAT?! "But I have slept with you, Liam" HOW DOES THAT EVEN WORK?! "The important thing is, I have made my decision. I have chosen, what's best for me. And both of you have to accept that, whichever way it works"



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