If We Ever Meet Again

10 years of 1D has been a great success but its time for a break, and the boys go their separate ways. But what's next inline for them?

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21. Leon and Victoria - 5

I awoke by a phone call

"Hello Leon!" a very cheerful Patty said.

"G'day Patty"

"Ok don't ever try an Australian accent with Australian slang, you just can't work it!"

"Haha ok. So why are you calling so early?"

"If you haven't noticed, it's 9. You're late. Anyway Victoria's manager called, she can't find her or get connection to her"

I turn to her, beautiful and smiling in her sleep.

"And you figured she'd be with me, right?" I said as I stroked her face.

"Well is she?"

"Yup. Lying right next to me"

"Ok, well tell her to be at work in 20, you too."

"Sure. But don't blame me if we're late!" I think I said that a little too loudly, Vicky was slowly opening her eyes. So I but my phone down and lay her on my chest.

She looks up to me and smiles.

"I didn't mean to wake you up" I said sounding sarcastically innocent.

She was in her giggly mood.

"You had a good nights sleep" she smiled as she lay her head on my chest. I stoke her back, as I was to tell her about work.

"You have 20 minutes, before work"

Her smile dropped. Vicky flung herself out of bed and sprinted towards the bathroom. Her tall, lanky, figure, was still half asleep and her body flopped as she ran.

I slowly got myself out of bed, and tried to make it. But I think I might leave it to the maid, I can't make beds.

I got dressed, grabbed Vicky's clothes and headed to the bathroom. As I opened the door Vicky was standing there with just a towel on, hand on the door. It arises some feelings, but I handed her the clothes and walked out.

I grabbed my self a cup of tea and sat down on the couch to watch some telly.

Vicky came out and I got the keys and we left.

We went for McDonalds breakfast takeaway. I dropped her off in front of the building and left for work


Leon's so adorable, but I wish he had gotten me up earlier. I saw what I looked like in the mirror, a slob. But he looks at me and suddenly that doesn't matter anymore.

I walk in to the office, coffee in hand, and make my way to the conference room.

"Linda" I smiled and greeted her. She smiled and turned Geronimo, the big boss man.

"We have something for you". He was your typical stereotype gay, so much fun to be around though. But now was business mode.

He continued. "We've done our research and we have found our designer set of clothes for Be Your Self, the article which you are modeling the clothes."

"Awesome what are the clothes like?" I asked

One of Geronimo's assistants got the website an put it on the projector.

We were all glued to it. This store was dedicated to being yourself, one of a kind, and not just some repetitive copy.

"We are flying the designer and Co with clothes we choose to be in Dolly. The designer will be interviewed and be put in the article. Also do you mind if we have interview with you? Your choice of lifestyle amazes everyone here, and we would like to tell our readers about it."

"I would love that!" I squealed.

"Great. One of my assistance will email Linda the interview questions. One last thing, how would you feel if you could interview the designer. So we have our two subjects on headline."

"Sounds bluddy amazing!" I got stares, but mostly laughs.
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