If We Ever Meet Again

10 years of 1D has been a great success but its time for a break, and the boys go their separate ways. But what's next inline for them?

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29. Leon and Vicky - 7

Last night was just too damn weird! I was with my best friends, coming together, so it was going to be good. But our profiles had us keeping quiet. I hope Vicky didn't notice. I just know she is going to be pissed with me, if she ever finds out herself. When is ever the right time to explain this with Vicky.


Last night was quiet, too quiet, between Leon, Zac and Luke. And together, so familiar. So I decided to do a little research myself. 

Today I have a free day, and Leon is working. That gives me plenty of time to myself. Zac and Luke are out spending the day out and Chloe is home. If anything bad comes up she will be the first to know.

I wait for Leon to go to work. 

Straight onto the computer.

I start by googling their names. 

Leon Fernardo. 

Photos from our shoot together come up. I couldn't help but scroll and admire us.

Stop! I'm searching his name for a reason. 

I went into images. Scrolled through endless photos of him. And then I stopped at one particular picture, at the end of the page.

It was a picture of Leon's face, and beside was a picture of Louis Tomlinson. Innocent enough considering Louis found Leon. But it was captioned

Lookalike or what? 

And from that moment.... My face heated up, tears filled my eyes and flinched away from the screen, I turned the computer off. 

I'm so angry.

I face planted the couch and screamed into the cushion. 

I heard footsteps toward the door.



I knock on the door, I'm on my lunch break. I didn't take my apartment keys, as Vicky would be in all day. 

I hear footsteps very slow.

She opens the door poking one eye out. And the slams it right in my face.

"LOUIS TOMLINSON?! ARE YOU F***ING KIDDING ME?!" she yells through the door

Oh crap. 

"Vicky! I'm sorry! And so are Luke and Zac. Well Liam and Zayn are.." I'm trying to explain


"Please! Open the door, I will explain everything!"


"You can't do this! Vicky! Im still me!" 


"You love me!!!"

"I LOVED LEON!" I hear a door slam. Vicky went to the bedroom.

No no! This o's not how I want it to happen! She has got to understand! I will make her come around. 


10 minutes and I haven't heard a thing, I should go. Let her cool down.

Angry Vicky. Scary stuff


I look out the window to make sure Leon, Louis was gone. A call Chloe, she answers.

"Hello Vicky" sounding cheerful. Oh god I'm gonna hate having to tell her.

"Where an you?"

"I'm at that coffee shop you suggested on a date with Lu-"

"Sorry. Can you meet me at the front?"

"Sure. What's wrong?"

I hung up. I get my car keys and went off.


"Hey what's up?" Chloe said. I pulled up beside her.

"Get. In." being very stern.

"Ok but why?" She opened the car door. And sat down

I didn't say anything the whole way to her place. She kept quiet, she knows, annoyed Vicky, isn't the one to piss off. 

She opens the door

"Sorry for big gesture. But I found something out. You are gonna need to sit down for this" I said, I was overwhelmed and hyperventilating. 

"I think you should sit down, rest a bit before you speak. I will grab you a drink."

I slopped myself on the couch. Chloe got me water with ice. 

I smile, take a sip of my drink, and take a deep breath. 


By the end of that Chloe was crouched beside me, crying and crying. 

"The people I call my "best friends" are faking it? Faking their whole personality just to keep the attention away?" I look into her red, water filled eyes and nod my head. "They didn't  even have the decency to tell me!" She yelled. 

I probably screwed up this whole trip for her. But she needed to know, what lying manipulative people we were associating with. 

I stood up and walk to her bedroom, I grabbed a bag and started chucking clothes in for her.

I grab her and went to my place


I walk up to the door of the apartment, if it was over I needed to get some clothes. I look down to my feet. A bag of my clothes and things were placed down. 

It can't end like this
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