If We Ever Meet Again

10 years of 1D has been a great success but its time for a break, and the boys go their separate ways. But what's next inline for them?

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25. Leon and Vicky - 6

"Morning love" I said, as Vicky slowly opened her eyes. I was sitting beside her, with Vegemite toast and apple juice placed out on a tray.

Vicky sat up and to kiss me on the cheek.

"Thank you" She said and scoffed her food as I drank some tea.

"What time do you go to work?" I asked.

"Well, I have to pick up some people at the Airport at 9, so my chauffeur will be at our house at 8.30 and then I will go straight to work. I don't get off work till 6. What do you have in mind?"

"I have the day off"

"And what are you proposing?"

"A whole day of you I. But since your out, Dinner. After work. At the beach. Bonfire, roast and beer."

"Very casual, not like you, but sounds good."

"Well I don't want to have you to have to stress too much."

"Aww thanks Leon. I think I want to walk for a coffee before work"

"Well we better ready then" I said, and leave her to breakfast.


We went to our favourite coffee shop, the place of our first date. It's the only place we go for coffee.

We walk to the counter to order. The girl had her back to us, until I cleared my throat and she turned around.

"Hi, what you would you like to ord..." she wasn't paying attention to us until she actually took a good second look and just stared.

She stared for about five seconds. Vicky clicked my fingers in her face, and she snapped out of her trance.

"Sorry. I can't help but wonder. You look familiar like some sort of celebrity." she asked

"That's because he's a model...Duh!" Vicky said, looking at her like she was a dumbass. I dont mean to be harsh but I mean seriously, we were like all paparazzi talk could talk about when we first started dating. "So can I take a coffee, white with 1 sugar and a spoonful of drinking choco-"

"I thought you were more famous then that, like a group or something, but your eyes, I don't remember them that colour" the girl serving us said.

I look at Vicky and she is not happy, she is so adorable when jealous. I turn to her,

"Be nice, I will take care of our order, ok?" Vicky nods to me and then evil eyed the employee as she walks away.

"You clearly have no idea what your talking about, so, can I also get some Yorkshire tea."

"Whatever. We don't sell that tea."

"Can I speak to your manager please?"

"What did I do wrong?"

"Nothing, your manager ordered in some Yorkshire tea for me. So, please get him" she was confused and went to the manager, I heard some yelling and the manager came through

"Leon! "


"I'm so sorry about the confusion, your tea came in this morning. And shall we make it on the house? And put this argument aside?"

"yeah! Thanks!"


Good thing Leon's handling this. I snap so easily, especially when someone staring at my man. Though, the part of Leon being in a group did catch my attention. To be honest I have thought that also. But Louis Tomlinson recommended him, and he was a no name and no face, until modeling.

Leon walks up to me with my coffee and his tea.

"Shall we walk?" he asks.

"Yeah let's go"

Walking down the sidewalk and for the first time I heard whispers. Not about us, but him.

"See? He is a model" says one girl holding up a magazine.

"But, he totally looks like-"

"So what are your plans for work today?" Leon cut off the girls whispers.

"Umm. Pick up the new designer for Dolly, interview her and a photo shoot, modeling her clothes". I would have really liked to know who the girls thought Leon was.


We walk to the apartment building, in front, we are greeted by the limousine, I kiss Leon goodbye.

"Morning Miss" the chauffeur said as he opened the limo door.

"Morning. Am I late?"

He checks his watch and looks at me with a smile.

"Right on time" and we were off.


I wait with my chauffeur at the airport freeway, watching all the planes board and depart.

The plane came within minutes.

I see a small group of three people, 2 boys, 1 girl. I give a wave and they give one back. They came up to us with a heap of boxes and very small luggage. My chauffeur and I helped them our and made our way to the limousine.

Once inside, I introduced myself. I took a real good look at them, and all were familiar...
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