If We Ever Meet Again

10 years of 1D has been a great success but its time for a break, and the boys go their separate ways. But what's next inline for them?

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12. Leon - 3

I never told the boys but I made the cut to be male model. Before we took a break.

The agency was pleased I called. But I was calling for, myself Leon. Not Louis. They were a bit disappointed when "I wasn't going to be working for them". I told them Leon and I aren't that different from each other, we are almost the same. They got me to tell Leon to send a photo of him, and his experiences.

I got one of the maids to take a photo of me, in something that I would never have pictured myself in. I photoshopped it to make it look like a I have a mustache, not anything fancy, I could shorten my hair to about an inch and made my eyes look brown. That should do it. Now for experiences... Would they take Leon on if he had none?

I faxed it over to them. Minutes later Leon got a call. I slightly lowered my voice and I answered.


"Is this Leon?"

"Depends, whose calling?"

"My manners! It's Model & Co Modeling Agency. My names Patricia Walker. Is Leon available?"

"That would be me."

"You've got a casting for the job!"

"Thank you so much!"

"You should be thanking Louis Tomlinson. He's the one who called and told us about you."

"I will!"

"Meet us in Australia Melbourne, Southern Cross Station at 9 am on Friday. One of Chauffeurs will take you to our building. We shall send the plane and train tickets."

"Thank you Miss Walker"

"Our pleasure. Call me Patty"

"Ok. I shall see you soon." and hang up. Who knew I could get a job as model as different person. Woo!


G'day Australia, I never thought I'd be back. A guy in a suit, with a chauffeur hat on, came up to me,

"Are you Leon Fernado?" he asked.

"What? I'm Lou...." I stopped to think. "Yes! I am Leon!" that was a close call. I haven't been called that personally, I'm not used to it I guess.

He looked at me with a puzzled face.

"Sorry, I thought you said someone else. Are you the chauffeur that is going to take me to the Model & Co building"

"I am, right this way sir"

He lead me to the side of Southern Cross Station, and limo was waiting. Part of my life is still here. I went inside and I was greeted by this woman in a pantsuit.

"Hi, I'm Patty. You must be Leon."

"In the flesh."

"When we get there we have to get straight into it. You will do a test photo shoot and an interview. Then we can discuss with you, about living here."

"Well ok then."

"If you pass as one of models, I will be your manager. But only of it suits you."

"I would be happy if you were my manager, Patty"

She giggles. I guess not all of me can go.

We walked into the building. There's a heap of girls looking down on me.

"They all tried out to be apart of the agency. One of them stay, the rest will go." Patty noticed me looking.

"Thats a shame"

"Well not everyone can be a model"

"How many men are for this job"

"Around 25." I stopped and was stunned. "Don't worry, I think the odds are in our favor"

We walked in to a room that was completely white. Patty hands me some clothes and send me off to a dressing room. I come back out in white suit and tie. So there's 25 guys in white suit gathered around the photographer.

"In this shoot you are to be bored, because everything's white and normal. You live life like kings in a very normal boring white day oh and no makeup is to be worn because we want to the comp,diction of your skin against our lights. I like to be fair and random. First up this guy." and he points to me.

I walk up to him. And he leads me to the set.

In my shoot I chose to be sitting down drinking a glass of champagne. I look at the camera in a way which it looks like someone has interrupted me when I asked to not be disturbed.

When the shots are done patty and I review them. She is very happy with them and so am I. It's totally the look I wanted to capture.

So now to the interview. I was the first the photo shoot, so I was last with the interview

"Leon. You have no experience what so ever and this was your first shot. How did you think you went." Guy one went.

" I think it went well, I really liked my shots"

"As did I" said guy two, the photographer

"Louis says I'm very photogenic"

"You mean Louis Tomlinson? The one who called about you." guy three


"Well he's not wrong" the photographer admired me

"What makes you think you can get this job? All the other boys we interviewed, have worked all their lives to this point. And then there's you" guy one says

"I think I can take this job more serious than just a consideration. Its not just a career it's a life. I can walk out that door happy if I didn't make it because I know I tried"

"And try you did. Congratulations you've got the job." said guy one. All the other interviewers were gobsmacked. I thought he was intimidating me for the fun of it.

I walk out of the room and Patty gives me a big hug.

"Go back to your home, grab your stuff and meet at the hotel lobby across the building on Monday at 6pm. You think you can do that?" I smile and give Patty another hug.


I get settled into the hotel ok. It's a lot smaller than I though, but it's just me. I don't need lots of space.

Its 6 so I head to the lobby. Patty is waiting there.

"There has been a slight change of plans. Looks like our model agency competitors have done one better than be did." Patty looked worried

"What?" I said in confusion

"No time for questions we got to get the building."

We enter one of the conference rooms int the building. They had a load of magazine articles in front of them, all of this one girl.

"Whose this?" I ask

"Victoria Clark. She the biggest model now, all because Miranda Kerr found her."

"What's the problem?"

"We didn't find her, you idiot!" said one of the guys there.

"Calm down Hector!" said one of ladies.

"And now more wannabes are going to go them, which means they will be worth more." Hector is disappointed.

"Ok Miranda Kerr is big. But so were One Direction" I said

"What are you talking about?" said Patty

"Anyway it doesn't concern you" added Hector

"It could if you let me talk." everyone looks at Hector. "Fine, let the boy talk. But it better be worth it" he said

"You got a call from Louis Tomlinson, about me."

"So!" Hector exclaimed. All of us glare at Hector "Sorry. Carry on"

I continued "I do know Louis turned down your offer of him becoming a full time model. But he called you, because he discovered me"

"I get it!" everyone in the room clapped and cheered even Hector let out a smile.

"Do you know if he could do a photo shoot with you?" Hector asked

"Oh. I'm sorry, that's out of his repertoire. But he is a very busy man. But if anyone called him about it, he would back it up I'm sure.

"We can work with that. Patty get the press on the phone, we've got a star! Also do you think we can some more shots of you for the cover?" Hector was pretty excited. So was everyone in the conference room, I think I have made a name for myself.

Patty comes up to me on the phone "How would you like to be on the cover of Men's Health Magazine Australia?" I nod my head excitedly. She smiles and continues talking "He'll do it!" and she walk off still on the phone.

The next day a head of the building and start work, but a heap of paparazzi bombard me. I manage to get me it inside the work building, and the security guards stop them from getting inside.

Patty comes rushing to me.

"Our competitor called and their furious, but they want to make a deal..." Patty said mysteriously.

"Of what sort?"

"They wouldn't tell me until we go there. I told Hector about it and he's ok, shall we go?"

"Lead the way"

Their building is a lot more modern than ours. Patty leaves me to see where we are supposed to be. I couldn't help it but get myself lost in this building. I saw the girl in the articles I saw yesterday. I walk up to her.

"Victoria Clark" I said

"Competition" she groaned.

"I mean no harm."

"Ok. Whatever. What are you doing here?"

"Unsure, your manager called us." I looked at Patty who was talking to a woman. "I've heard a lot about you"


"Well not heard, read. Miranda Kerr, Teen Vogue, Dolly Magazine and Victoria's Secret Fashion Show."

"You've done your study"

"It's hard to miss. You're everywhere in Melbourne"

"Thank you"

"how do you deal with the paparazzi?"

"I don't. I tell them nothing, I stand for a couple minutes for pictures, I answer no questions and leave."

"It sounds so simple"

"It is"

Patty comes up to us. "Come on you two, we have business to discuss"

We walk into this office. Patty and I sat down, and Victorias Manager talked.

"I am Linda Victorias Manager. You and Victoria are pretty big. And we don't want steal the thunder, we would like to embrace it. For publicity, do you think Victoria and Leon could go on a date?" We all evil eye her. "Its just for publicity. Who knows you could end up liking one another"

"Now hang on! Don't we get a say!" I demand.

"Linda has a point Leon. You two walk out of here together and then go get coffee." Patty ordered.

"You can't demand this." Victoria said

"She can, and so can I" Linda said

"You can't be serious?!" I yell.

Linda and Patty stare me down.

"Fine! You guys owe me big time" I point my finger at both of our managers

"If he's I'm in. But I better find a boat load of apples when I get home" and Linda gives he a wink.


I'm at a coffee shop, in Melbourne, with paparazzi everywhere, that I can't see. And I'm actually having a really good time, and so is she!
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