If We Ever Meet Again

10 years of 1D has been a great success but its time for a break, and the boys go their separate ways. But what's next inline for them?

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35. Justine and Niall - 9

"Justine May, SonyMusic, Original song, For You, Take 13." the Music Producer said.

God I'm nervous. This is the last take for the demo, after this, they send it to the big Music Producers board, and see if I'm good enough.

I close my eyes, take a deep breath. This is what I came here for.

The music begins, I hit on a powerful note. And continue with a bold voice.


"That's her! Right there! Justine May People!!!" I yell as Justine is singing. I'm so happy! She is blowing them away! Usually they have a lot more takes, bot the producer said she is doing so well, and she is very professional!

Everyone behind the studio room claps and cheers as teenie finishes. She lets out a big smile and comes rushing towards me with arms out wide.

"Great job Miss May. Steven go burn the demo for Justine and send the demo to the big producers." one of the Music Producers said

"Thank you, it's been amazing working here" Justine thanked everyone.

Steven walked back into the room, slouched shoulders and with a sad face, he handed Justine the demo CD.

One Producer smacked one of his hands on his face.

"Steven, what did you? This time?"

"I may have accidentally released the demo as record single...."


"I'm sorry miss May and Mr. Crate, you can go home while we deal with this.



Niall, and I were both silent on the ride home. When we got to my apartment,

"Niall!!! What?!?!??!"

"It's ok, settle down. They probably got rid of it as soon as they found the file. Honestly." Niall grabs my laptop, and goes onto the Sony Music website.

"Maybe I was wrong..."

"WHAT?!" I look at the screen, over 1,000 people have heard it.


"I'm sorry! I thought they would have got rid of it."

"I probably sound terrible!" I retrieve the demo CD from my bag and put the disc into the computer, and listen to it.


"Wow Justine, you sound AMAZING!"


"Justine! What are you talking about?! It's sounds incredible!"

"stop it! stop lying! It's not good!"

"Whatever!" Niall says and then continues clicking on the laptop. I look at the screen as he refreshes the page. 3,000 people have heard it, 200 comments. I watch Niall as he looks thought the comments.

"I know your watching Justine, and whether you thought you were good or not, all these people are absolutely loving it. So what ever crap you have in your head, release it. Because you are amazing!"


Sony Music called us back to the studio. We are in the office with the Music Producer board.

"I'm upset that when you found out Steven put the song out as single, you didn't immediately get rid of it. And you went behind our backs and didn't tell us. But seeing is that's, out of the way, it's a hit! It's going viral! Everyones loving it Justine! I think we better get an album up and running soon!"

"Seriously, I thought I was terrible!" Justine was stunned

"I told you your amazing!!" I said.

Justine was full of smiles, almost to a point I thought she would burst out rainbows.
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