If We Ever Meet Again

10 years of 1D has been a great success but its time for a break, and the boys go their separate ways. But what's next inline for them?

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39. Justine and Niall - 10

"Hello?" I answered the phone 

"Yeah, hey teenie, it's Vicky. Victoria Clark" Vicky says. She sounds like she has bad news. But tosh! I haven't heard from her in ages! Since high school, it drifted.

"OMG! IT'S YOU! Whats that in the background....  IT'S MA SONGGG!!!! YOUR LISTENING TO IT!!!!"

"Oh Chloe is here to with me too."


Niall walks through the door. I signal him to sit down and wait a bit.

"Uhh, Chloe is a designer/stylist working with Dolly and I'm her model. The song is fine. Yeah yeah. So ummm you know Nathan Crate?" Vicky asks. I put my phone on loud speaker. I sat next to Niall and placed the phone on the table infront of us.

"Yeah, i know Nate." I give Niall a wink.

"Right, how close are you?"

"Pretty close, why?"

"Yeah. Well I'm just gonna come right out and say it; Nathan is Niall of One Direction"

"I know..." Niall has his hand over his mouth

"I know this because I'm dating Louis who portrayed .... Wait! You know?!" Niall calmed down a little because Louis must have told her. 

"Yeah! I figured it out the first time I lay my eyes in him.... Oh by the way, I'm dating him..." I sigh happily

"Worse than I thought!!"

"IM NOT THAT BAD!!!!" Niall yells.

"What the hell? Teenie, do you have me on loud speaker? With... Niall?"

"Umm yes, sorry! Whatever is involved with him, he should know"

"Oh ok."

"Why is it 'Worse than you thought' ?" Niall asks

"Hoping Justine didn't have to go through some ruff times before it got good between you guys"


I look down to my feet, hands in my hair. Remembering how I treated her when she confronted me about being Niall Horan. 

Justine strokes my back and then talks,

"Well, is was to happen sometime. But we get over it and moved forward." 

"Ok well, great to hear from you...Bye!" And Vicky hangs up.

"Well that was rude." I say

"You will get over it" I took her hand grabbed her bag and headed towards the door.

"Niall, where are we going?"

"I feel like I should have done more to have earned your forgiveness that day, so I'm taking you out." 

"We kissed and I got over it. I should have been more subtle on the situation"

"I still feel like I owe you"


I had my guitar with me and told teenie to cover her eyes. I was taking her to a park, a beautiful Asian inspired park, I discovered.

"Ok you can open your eyes now"

"Oh wow! This is amazing! How did you find this place?"

"Well the day I got moved here, I got smashed and found myself in this park. I'm surprised you have never seen it before, it's about 2 blocks away from the diner. I walked to the diner that day. The day I met you."

"As I've said, I am busy. I had no life outside of work"

"Now you do." I stand up on top of this giant stone plaque and start strumming.

"LADIES AND GENTLEMAN! GATHER ROUND FOR A BEAUTIFUL SUNSET CONCERT! BY ME!!" there was no one there except an older Asian guy fishing in the pond, he looked over at me and shook his head. 

"Cause no one ever looked so 
good in a dress 
and it hurts, 'cause I know you won't be mine tonight
No one ever makes me 
feel like you do when you smile
Baby, tell me how to make it right

Now all of my friends say 
it's not really worth it
But even if that's true
No one in the world could 
stop me from not moving on baby, 
even if I wanted to...
Nobody compares to you"

I jump off the the plaque, put my hands to Justine's face, look her in the eyes, smile and say,

"But you are mine, I love you" and give her a kiss.

I could even here the old Asian clapping and cheering, and wiping a tear from his eye.

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